Bieber Crashes Prom, Absolute Madness Ensues

Bad news, everyone — no matter how cool you thought your senior prom was, it's officially been topped. I mean, unless Justin Bieber showed up at your prom, in which case, it's a tie. On Saturday night, Bieber crashed Chatsworth Charter High School's prom in LA to get the quintessential high school experience he never had, and it looks like he got exactly what he asked for — plus or minus a few screaming fans. As someone who skipped prom and occasionally wonders what it would have been like, I, too, have wished I could go back and make up for it, but since I'm not Justin Bieber, I have a feeling I'd get far different results. Now that we officially know what would happen if Bieber crashed a prom, it can be described in one word: Chaotic.

Because duh, a major celebrity walking into a school dance filled with hundreds of people who are either fans or, at the very least, are aware of him ensues in the you-know-what hitting the fan. Basically, all bets are off in that kind of situation, and from the looks of the social media posts that have come out of the evening, everyone in the room suddenly turned into a Belieber.

There was dancing, mostly with iPhones

Teenagers (and me) are attached to their phones enough to begin with, so multiply that by at least 100 when Justin Bieber is in the room. You can party with Biebs, but you also have to be ready to Snapchat every minute of it.

There was inordinate amounts of screaming, of course

I have been to a couple of Bieber concerts, so I know that this is worse than the screaming that happens when fans are actually aware that Bieber's in the building. This is gleeful, surprised screaming, and there is no other sound that matches up to it in the natural world.

There were plenty of blurry, dimly lit selfies

Because let's face it — proms don't have the best lighting.

Remember what I said about chaos?

I think it's safe to say these kids have officially lost their minds... and I cannot blame them.

Bieber busted a move or two

Is it just me, or is this the face of someone who is absolutely delighted to be at the prom? I think Bieber had more fun than anyone else.

There was be thousands of retweets, guaranteed

I'll be real with you: If Justin Bieber had shown up to my prom — you know, if there had been such a thing as Justin Bieber when I was still in high school — I would have gone.