7 Amazing Covers Of Carrie Underwood Songs You Need To Hear ASAP — VIDEOS

I recently went through a Carrie Underwood reawakening when I rounded up some of the best covers that Underwood has done herself, and I was once again convinced of her extraordinary talent. She can make any song her own regardless of genre, and her songs have that same effect for her many adoring fans. One of my guilty pleasures is scouring through YouTube for up-and-coming singers, and many of the artists I have found have eventually found their way into some records deals, even after only posting cover songs. Well, being that Carrie Underwood has so many hits, many singers have decided to put their spin on her epic songs, and some of them are pretty great.

We know that some cover renditions have become even more successful than the originals, like "Hallelujah" covered by Jeff Buckley or "I Will Always Love You" covered by Whitney Houston, so it's awesome to see so many fans love and interpret Underwood's music and emotions in so many different styles. It's no surprise that many Underwood fans have paid tribute to many of her songs, and some versions hold their own very, very well! She's even had a previous American Idol winner do her tunes some justice.

Here are some of the best Carrie Underwood covers that you must check out!

"Blown Away" By Kelly Clarkson

Clarkson paid tribute to her fellow American Idol alumni, and it sounds just as good.

"Jesus Take The Wheel" By Makayla Lynn

This girl is only 11 years old!

"Good Girl" By Rachel Phillip

Phillip slows the song down and adds a beautiful and soulful tone to Underwood's version.

"Something in the Water" By Anthem Lights

Four dreamy guys and do you hear those gorgeous a cappella harmonies? I mean...

"Blown Away" By Rion Page

When Simon Cowell says that you will go on do special things just as Carrie Underwood did, you know you did something good.

"Good Girl" By Megan & Liz

These girls pay homage to the original and sound almost exactly like Underwood herself, meaning, really amazing! I think she would be very proud of this tribute.

"Before He Cheats" By Emily McGarvey

McGarvey adds a haunting quality to one of my favorite Carrie Underwood songs of all time. I would totally believe this was her original.

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