12 Cinco de Mayo Recipes That Use Tequila, Because There's More To Life Than Margaritas

When it comes to amazing Cinco de Mayo recipes, tequila is your new secret ingredient. I know what you're thinking — why would I want to eat this tequila that is so clearly begging to become a margarita on this fine Cinco de Mayo? Let me tell you something: tequila, not unlike Hannah Montana, is on this earth to enjoy the best of both worlds. Whether you're cooking up a decadently cheesy fundido, some tasty fish tacos, or even donuts to celebrate this May 5, tequila is the secret ingredient to blowing your culinary ventures out of the water.

Let these 12 recipes reform your way of thinking about eating and drinking (what?) and, most importantly, maximize your Cinco de Mayo menu.

Image: Half Baked Harvest

BBQ Margarita Chicken Tostadas With Sweet Jalapeño Margarita Salsa

These tostadas have tequila BBQ shredded chicken, fresh smashed avocado, tequila-infused salsa, and yes — those are Mexican fries on top.

Image & Recipe: Half Baked Harvest

Classic Queso Fundido With Poblano, Chorizo, And Tequila

And you didn’t think cheesy, melty homemade chip dip could get any better.

Image & Recipe: Cooking For Keeps

Tequila Lime Steak And Poblano Quesadillas With Citrus Sour Cream

These truly put your college cheese quesadillas to shame. Enjoy with a margarita on the rocks for maximum effect.

Image & Recipe: Cooking For Keeps

Tequila Marinated Fish And Shrimp Tacos

What makes ultra fresh fish tacos even better? You guessed it.

Image & Recipe: The Crepes Of Wrath

Margarita Chicken Quesadilla With Margarita Guacamole

These irresistible quesadillas have tequila in their chicken marinade AND their guacamole. Next level.

Image & Recipe: Half Baked Harvest

Boozy Lime, Honey, And Lemongrass Popsicles

Yeah, you can eat your cocktail. Preferably in the sunshine by a pleasant body of water.

Image & Recipe: Adventures In Cooking

Tequila Lime Chicken And Black Bean Burritos

Save Chipotle for any of the other 364 days of the year — May 5 is for top-notch, exceptional burritos.

Image & Recipe: How Sweet It Is

Margarita Cupcakes

OK, so maybe these aren’t authentic Cinco de Mayo cuisine. But they are margarita cupcakes, so we’re letting it slide.

Image & Recipe: Brown Eyed Baker

Tequila Lime Flank Steak Salad With Chile Lime Vinaigrette

This steak salad is all about the marinade. The zesty chile lime vinaigrette and avocado on top don’t hurt either.

Image & Recipe: How Sweet It Is

Kickin' Tequila Shrimp

This is essentially the ultimate grown up burrito bowl.

Image & Recipe: Steamy Kitchen

Coconut Lime Mahi Mahi Tacos With Tequila Soaked Watermelon Salsa

You had me at tequila soaked watermelon.

Image & Recipe: Half Baked Harvest

Strawberry Margarita Cream Filled Donuts

If I were you, I’d make these a day ahead and enjoy these for Cinco de Mayo breakfast. Yes, we’re going there.

Image & Recipe: Half Baked Harvest