Who Is "Tommy Bones" On 'Gotham'?

The first season of Gotham is coming to a close and many pieces are coming into place. The Riddler is turning to evil, Bruce is getting close to some answers, and Barbara Kean is in major trouble. However, there are a still a few new faces to meet — for example, James Andrew O'Connor will play Tommy Bones on Gotham in Monday's penultimate episode as well as the season finale. Who is Tommy Bones?

That name does not appear in any Batman or DC Comics, and the official Fox descriptions of the episodes "The Anvil Or The Hammer" and "All Happy Families Are Alike" do not mention the character. However, the fact that he's in two episodes and has both a first and last name leads me to believe that he is of some importance. Is Bones a new threat, or ally? Currently, our heroes have their plates full with the Ogre and whoever is pulling the strings at Wayne Enterprises. However, with Fish Mooney leaving the game at the end of the season, the series needs to start planting a few new foes. It's probably too late in the game for Tommy Bones to be part of Gotham City's organized crime, but there are a couple of ways that he could make a splash in the final two episodes of Gotham.

Gotham City's Corrupt Cop of the Week

If Tommy Bones isn't the name of a gangster, he's almost certainly a cop. Doesn't the sound of his name go along with the weird, almost noir aesthetic of Gotham City? This could tie him either to Jim Gordon's slow ascension at GCPD or the Riddler's slow descent into criminal madness.

A Wayne Enterprises' Assassin

We know that the next two episodes of Gotham will delve into Bruce Wayne's investigation of his parents' company. Bruce will even meet Lucius Fox, who Batman fans know is important to the young vigilante's story. Could Tommy Bones be involved with Wayne Enterprises? Could he be another assassin hired to take out the young corporate heir? His name isn't the most high brow, but they did last hire a man named Reggie.

Mister Bones

In the comics, Mister Bones is one of Dr. Benjamin Love's six children. The doctor is a gynecologist who injected his patients with a serum that turned them into metahumans — meaning that they have superpowers. Love then kidnapped and raised the children. Damaged, they became the super villain team known as Helix. Bones himself is a bit of an odd duck. He liked to rhyme. He can make himself look like a skeleton, has lethal sweat, and is stronger than an average human but not strong enough for his strength to be considered superhuman. That's a tough break for a superpowered individual, I would imagine.

Could this be connected to the weird Doctor that Fish Mooney just escaped? I would not be surprised if he had experimented on pregnant women, and it's entirely possible that she'll meet a fellow survivor now that she's on the outside and in dire need of medical attention.

The Joker

Look, I'm going to speculate that every guest star and every background extra is the Joker. However, I hope Tommy Bones doesn't turn out to be the Joker after all the fuss over Jared Leto's take on the character for Suicide Squad. Speaking of, can someone look in on Jared Leto for me? Make sure that he's doing okay and getting enough vegetables, etc.? Whenever Gotham chooses to introduce Batman's nemesis, they already have a lot to live up to.

Images: Jessica Miglio/Fox; Giphy (4)