Adam Lambert's 'Glee' Rendition of "Marry the Night" Is a Reason to Be Excited

Glee's been a bit sad lately. Well, really only for the one episode (you know what I'm talking about), but damn, it was a saaad episode, wasn't it? In any case, the show must go on (even if it's just for one more season). With that comes an Adam Lambert Glee guest spot, and with that comes our first listen to what he'll be singing.

Adam Lambert will be playing a man named Starchild, and if you're a Glee fan or an Adam Lambert fan and that isn't enough to make you excited, then I just don't know what to do with you.

Here's a synopsis of Lambert's part for the episode:

Feeling overshadowed by Rachel and Santana’s recent successes, Kurt decides his best shot at achieving mainstream fame is by starting his own band, so he asks Rachel, Santana, and her new girlfriend, Dani, to join. While everyone is blown away by the audition of an overly bold singer who calls himself Starchild, Kurt balks at asking him to join the group, worried he’ll be overshadowed by the dazzling performer.

His first song? "Marry the Night," by Lady Gaga. And just look at that top hat in the lead photo. Nothing gets me psyched like a top hat.

You can listen to Lambert's "Marry the Night" cover below.


Image: Fox