Was This 'Catfish' Kidnapped Or Lying?

At this point in Catfish's four seasons, it's going to take a lot for Nev and Max to surprise me. But the Catfish episode with Blaire and Markie might have the makings to do so. This episode mixes classic Catfish with the concept of a Liam Neeson movie, and I already have so many questions and red flags raised. Another interesting plot twist to this story is that Blaire, the one who reached out to Nev and Max for help, is already in another relationship — so this is purely to find out what the real story is. Was Markie kidnapped like she claimed, or is she just Catfish-ing us all?

Nev and Max seem to be pretty confused by the stories Markie has told Blaire. And you know if you're able to get Max and Nev riled up about your story, you've done something so right, or so wrong. As Nev says, this is either a very dark twisted game, or a very scary situation that Markie has been a part of. Blaire seems like a cool person, so let's hope that she isn't completely deceived by the woman she loved and confided in.

Here's what we know about Catfish's Blaire and Markie, starting with their episode's preview.

Blaire Was In A Dark Place When They Met On Instagram

Blaire was living in New York when she first met Markie. Blaire had just been kicked out of her house by her parents and was living in a friend's car. She was in a very dark place, and Markie was there for her and gave her a reason not to "end her life," as she tells Nev and Max. The two met on Instagram, and maybe this is dense, but I just don't understand how that happens, unless my Instagram methods are just too basic. Their relationship progressed enough to Blaire saying she loved Markie.

Markie Said She Was Kidnapped Before They Were Supposed To Meet

This is where it gets interesting. With the emotional support of Markie, Blaire was able to get back on her feet, find an apartment, and get a job. A week before Blaire was planning to meet Markie in person (they've never Skyped, of course), Markie was allegedly kidnapped. A week after that, Blaire got a call from Markie, explaining that she was in a mental hospital, saying it would be best if they were just friends. I know... WHOA.

Blaire Is Dating Someone Else... And Markie Isn't Happy

OK, so it didn't work out — and maybe for the better — for these two. But when Blaire made her relationship status on Facebook "In A Relationship" with another woman, Markie commented on it and e-yelled at her (aka ALL CAPS) saying she can't date anyone, and to "CALL" her. I know, I know, if Markie doesn't want to date Blaire, why does she care? WHO KNOWS? But I'm sure we'll find out on Wednesday night.

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