Samantha Harris Post-'Dancing With the Stars': This Former Host Is Turning Her Struggles Into Strengths

In time for the tenth anniversary of Dancing With the Stars, the show is bringing back people from early in the run, like former DWTS host Samantha Harris, who's shifted her career towards charity and away from hosting. And Samantha is set to appear on the tenth anniversary special, alongside plenty of other veterans from the show. The event will certainly be a nostalgia trip, touching on the past ten years and twenty seasons of the show, especially since Harris has gone on a very emotional journey since she left the show in 2010. Initially, Samantha Harris left DWTS and started to focus on other projects, like being a correspondent on Entertainment Tonight. And though she was able to do that for several years successfully, she's currently taking a break from hosting due to a series health issues and a change in priorities.

As many fans know, in addition to all of her professional accomplishments, Harris is also a breast cancer survivor. She underwent a double mastectomy in 2014 according to People, and not only is she doing well, but she hasn't even taken a year off. Instead, Harris hasn't let her health change her outlook on life, and she's still positive. Instead of receding completely from public life, she's decided that she should use her time in the public eye to become devoted to charity, and has totally used this as an opportunity to help others feel as grateful and happy to still have their lives as she does. She even documented the process of her cancer treatment for E!, so she's been totally open from the beginning about her journey, even when things didn't go well.

But ultimately, Harris is now cancer free: "To be able to say the words I am cancer-free feels phenomenal," she told US Weekly in late 2014. So, it makes sense that Harris' charity is called "Gotta Make Lemonade" — she's the poster child for making the best out of a bad situation, using her illness as an opportunity to inspire and help people. But since the rest of us maybe don't have the positivity that she's been able to maintain, Harris and her husband, who helped found Gotta Make Lemonade, are here to help people come together to share their stories about difficult times and be a resource for people who may know what to do about bad news, but are still struggling with how they feel.

That's not the only charity effort Harris is a part of, either — she does things as small as retweet support for the work of a friend to being an advocate for Feeding America, a charity that wants to provide healthy food for all Americans who don't have access to it, especially children. As someone who went through one of the worst experiences possible and managed to come out on the other side of it, Harris has remained committed to paying forward her good fortune and using the fame she achieved from Dancing With the Stars to help others. There's really nothing more admirable than that.