Kirby's Top 8 Performance Could Cost Her the Game

As soon as I heard the words "children's choir" I knew this performance had the potential to be the greatest and most insane The Voice performance to date. But Hannah Kirby fell a little short. Writing those words literally pain me because I've been a big Kirby fan since her Battle Round performance against Sarah Potenza, but she didn't bring the same power she has over the past few weeks. Kirby's performance of Tina Turner's "We Don't Need Another Hero" was a big undertaking and major risk for the Top 8 and, depending on how the other artists perform tonight, it could be the performance that sends Kirby home.

Kirby has wowed week after week with her unique song choices and incredibly fun and powerful performances. This performance wasn't up to par with her previous ones, which is why it could send her home. Sure, it was a solid vocal performance and the children's choir was insanely adorable, but the performance was missing the signature Kirby mark that we have come to love. It lacked power and energy — and Cee Lo Green is to blame.

Green paired up with Blake Shelton to help coach his remaining Top 8 performers. Green brings a level of artistry to this competition that has yet to be matched since he left, but he puts a little too much "Cee Lo" into every performance and it takes away from the contestants' own artistry. It's not a good sign that every coach remarked on how much "Cee Lo" they felt in Kirby's performance. Kirby is her own artist — the coaches should be commenting on how "Hannah Kirby" her performance was. Kirby and Green were a great team in theory, but in practice one outshined the other — and not in a good way.

Let's put it out there — Kirby is amazing. She is the most original artist in this competition and does what she wants instead of sticking with what is typical to the show. But going along with Green's ideas instead of sticking with her own went away from the whole "originality" thing she had going for her. Kirby's Top 8 performance was lackluster compared to her truly "Kirby" performances and it could cost her the game. Hopefully the voters will remember how awesome she is on her own and give her another chance. Kirby deserves to go far in this competition, and it's far too early to say goodbye now.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC