'Harper's Bazaar' UK Features Kristen Stewart On Their Latest Cover, Showing Off Her Feminine Side In Pink Chanel Couture

I admire how Kristen Stewart is always able to keep it real whether she’s talking about feminism or how much she loves the European cinema scene. And because she’s always rocking an edgy tomboy look, I obviously did a double-take when I saw Kristen Stewart on Harper’s Baazar UK in a very feminine (and very cute shade of baby pink) outfit by Chanel couture.

A few years ago, Stewart opened up to The Telegraph about how she feels that it’s tough for female public figures to be strong because media and society expects female celebs to be cute, coy, and funny. Then she said, “If you’re a strong sort of woman, you’re just, for a lack of a better word, a bitch.” Although seeing Stewart decked out in pink sequins and pastel chiffon ruffles may seem like she's trying to soften up her tough girl image, I highly doubt it. She’s taught her fans so many valuable life lessons by simply staying true to herself and embracing her hard and edgy identity, even if she's dressed in head-to-toe pink hues.

Seeing this more feminine side of Stewart on the cover of Harper’s Baazar UK just goes to show that she can kill it in a pink, sequin skirt just as well as she can in black leather jackets.

Image: baazaruk/Instagram