6 Life Lessons Kristen Stewart Has Taught Us, Because She's A Strong Woman Who Knows What's Up

Oh, how I love Kristen Stewart. I love a woman who stands up for her rights, who speaks her mind, and who generally does not care about what anyone thinks about her. Since being thrown into superstardom with her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight series, Kristen Stewart has been one of the actresses who has spurned quite a lot of passion in her fans, whether it be through her characters or her personal life. Her almost anti-Hollywood persona may not make her an obvious role model for some, but she is, in fact, one of the best young actresses to look up to.

Why, you ask? At only 24 years old, Stewart has been a part of a monumental film series, found and lost love in the spotlight, became a feminist icon, and even survived a tabloid scandal, all while staying true to her craft and to herself. One of the coolest things about the actress is that she never really sought out to become a role model, per se, but has become an inspiration for fearless young women everywhere who look up to how at ease she seems with her life and her choices.

Without further ado, here are six life lessons that Kristen Stewart has taught us — so far!

You do not need to conform to stereotypical gender roles

Stewart is often criticized for her "boyish" style and "unkempt" look, but it obviously has not made her change her ways. She must be doing something right, as she has modeled for high fashion houses like Chanel, and her androgynous fashion sense has inspired many of us to be confident in rocking our jeans and sneakers like we should. Oh, and it's OK to be a girl who doesn't love to wear dresses. Sorry, not sorry, Mom.

You don't need to smile if you don't want to


It's unfortunate that this is something women still struggle with, but it's been proven that societal expectations of women still demand that we explain WHY we don't smile or "look cute" for men. Stewart has told Vanity Fair, "I have been criticized a lot for not looking perfect in every photograph… I’m not embarrassed about it. I’m proud of it. What matters to me is that the people in the room leave and say, 'She was cool. She had a good time. She was honest.'"

Do not be afraid to speak out if you don't agree with something

If Kristen Stewart has a problem with something, she will let you know. Recently, she shared her strong opinions on the sad state of the celebrity media and tabloids, and said that she believes that what propels most of the industry is the "really the big, big, big green monster of cash, there’s just no way that that’s stopping." This could get her into some trouble but Stewart feels it's more important to say what she feels.

Do not let a past mistake define you


We all know what happened in the summer of 2012. Stewart was involved in an affair that threw her entire career and relationship into a whirlwind, but she took her time in private to reconnect and move forward. She reportedly spoke about the scandal to The Sun , saying, "You have to be OK with your own fears... If you’re an honest person you’ll make mistakes, but that’s when the most interesting things happen."

If people doubt you, use that energy to be better


Through sheer hard work and determination, Stewart has overcome the stereotypes she endured as the lead of the Twilight series and many continually doubting her acting talent. She instead chose to finish the franchise with dignity and went on to focus on roles that would show more of her acting ability. In February of this year, she set a huge milestone and became the first American actress to win a César award for her gritty role in Clouds of Sils Maria. Yas, Kristen. Yas!

You should always be proud to be a feminist

Stewart has spoken out about how many young actresses are very afraid of saying they are a feminist, thinking it will alienate many people. She told The Daily Beast, "That’s such a strange thing to say, isn’t it? Like, what do you mean? Do you not believe in equality for men and women? I think it’s a response to overly-aggressive types. Sometimes, the loudest voice in the room isn’t necessarily the one you should listen to... But that being said, it’s a really ridiculous thing to say you’re not a feminist."

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