On 'Watch What Happens Live,' Shep Rose Doesn't Want The "Frustration" Of Older Women & His Reasoning Is Painful To Watch

I appreciate when Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, hosted by Bravo god Andy Cohen, welcomes big celebs to the show, but sometimes Nicki Minaj can't talk Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with me, and that's just something I need at night. So when Andy and Watch What Happens Live welcome Bravolebrities like Shep Rose, of Southern Charm, and Asa Soltan of, Shahs of Sunset, on the show, things feel right in the world. Except when Shep digs himself into a huge Brandi Glanville-sized offensive hole, and barely manages to get himself out of it.

On Monday's live episode of WWHL, a caller calls in and asks Shep if he would date a woman 10 years older than him. I don't know if said caller was 10 years older than Shep, but I felt like that's definitely the direction her question was heading. Plus, Real Housewives of Melbourne star Janet — who "is behind the bar" with Chyka and Jackie — also seems to have some invested interest in Shep's answer, so there's a lot of weight on this one question. After a very pregnant pause, Shep reveals that no, he wouldn't date a woman who was 10 years older than him. Is 10 years really that much of a deal breaker? Would he date a women 10 years younger than him? Why wouldn't he want a 45-year-old woman? (Shep just turned 35 on Southern Charm, FYI.)

Look, everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to dating. But, it is Shep's reasoning behind the idea that he wouldn't date a 45-year-old woman that I think some people might find issue with. Shep starts explaining why — and ready for this? — it's because he doesn't "need the frustration." The frustration! Of 45-year-old women! Riiiiiiight.

And when things look like they can't get any worse, Shep decides to shove his foot a little further into his mouth by adding he doesn't "pause for menopause." I think I understand his "joke," and if I do, all I have to say is, "Shep, no. No, Shep."

Andy, a man that never shies away from a guest drama, even threw Shep a bone and changed the subject ASAP. I would have really loved Andy to reverse the question and ask if Shep would date women 10 years younger than him, but alas, this isn't a very hard-hitting show, and I think I already know the answer to that question.

Images: Robert Ascroft/Bravo