'Southern Charm'-er Shep Rose On Season 2, His Friendship With Cameran, & Our "Grueling" Lightning Round Questions

In the ever-tumultuous realm that is Southern Charm's Charleston, South Carolina, there are a few Charm-ers who generally manage to stay above the fray: Shep Rose and Cameran Eubanks. As Southern Charm Season 2 gets underway, the dynamic duo seem to be seated right about where they were last year — skirting the drama and voicing our deepest, darkest thoughts as we watch Part 2 of the Kathryn & Thomas saga play out once more. Naturally, I wanted to speak to Shep about all the Southern Charm Season 2 craziness coming down the line, as well as his own attempts to shake last season's "ladies man" label.

"I look like a little bit of a waste case or a dilettante [in Season 1]," he tells Bustle. "I'd moved to Charleston and literally kind of just started shooting the show and was sort of directionless and rudderless so it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it, so I think in the second season you’ll have, hopefully, my forward movement as I try to get my ducks in a row here."

Those ducks come in the form of a new restaurant and a new home, both of which immediately earn remarks from the peanut gallery ("I'd never go into business with Shep," says one birdie, "Oh yeah, we'll see how that goes," says another). Shep's new direction does not include walking down the aisle anytime soon though — no matter how much the cast pushes him toward his old friend and new castmate Landon Clements (with Shep below).

"It’s a product of living in the South. There’s this expectation of the white picket fence and all that that goes with it, so yeah I don’t feel any pressure from anyone in particular," he says. "Both my siblings are married, one has children, so I think my parents are placated as far as that is concerned." Of course, if the right duckling came along, Shep says he'd be thrilled: "Of course it would be cool if I met someone who was awesome and I was like I’m hanging em up. I’m hanging up these cleats. But I haven’t felt that way yet."

For now, we can just enjoy Shep's always charming friendship with Cameran, who's my personal favorite for always keeping everyone, especially Shep, on their toes. "She gives me advice but I tend to give her advice right back, so a lot of the times I feel like Cameran and I are the calming influences among all of the cast," says Shep. "Sometimes people take things the wrong way and this and that and we’re just like everybody settle down we’re all in this together, don’t take things personally. So that’s been our common mantra." And thank goodness for that. I'm not sure we could get through each season of drama without our this two-person Greek chorus.

Of course, things will get shaken up yet again in Season 2 (we already saw the dramatic Kathryn & Thomas breakup that the former Senate candidate posted on Facebook). Shep says he won't be getting down in the muck this season. "I don’t really get involved in peoples relationships or I try not to. I know Whitney does, I can already tell from the first episode that Whitney does and maybe Jennifer Snowden — she’s another good friend — she plays Kathryn’s confidant and they’re talking about what’s going on," he says, adding, "I was happy to do my own thing and go my own way."

But that didn't stop me from throwing a few rapid fire questions at him. We need to know what's really up with the crew, even if Shep swears they're all pals after the camera lights dim.

Bustle: Who's the realest Southern Charmer?

Shep Rose: Cameran.

B: Who's the most full of s—t?

SR: Oh God... Craig.

B: What's the weirdest fan interaction you've had since Season 1?

SR: One girl got like very upset because her boyfriend wanted to take a picture, it was so odd, she was very drunk and my friend told her get lost. Out of 100, I get one weird person. But everyone is super polite super nice and I’m happy to oblige and take a picture or whatever. Honestly I get overwhelmingly good experiences with fans.

(That wasn't exactly lightning fast, but I'll allow it.)

B: Describe Season 2 in one word.

SR: Hilarious.

B: What Defines a Southern Woman?

SR: Modesty.

B: What would your Southern Charm spinoff be called?

SR: Fantasy Camp.

B: OK, wait. I have to ask why.

SR: I mean, I don’t know. It’s just like sometimes I feel like I’m living the dream. It’s pretty good. I travel around and hunt and fish and go to Napa and Germany. And just enjoy myself.

(Oh, right. Duh.)

B: What do you want people to know going into Season 2?

SR: I think that a lot of times people are just like I'm a ladies man. I’m not really like that, but I kinda am. I don’t know. I struggle with that. I try not to be disingenuous and I’m not the kind of guy who whispers stuff in girls' ears and lies and s—t. I’m just kinda roaming around like a puppy dog. I’m just trying to have fun and I’m obviously trying to get my businesses off the ground. I’ve got one more opening up here in a couple of weeks in like month. It’s a jazz club and we’re opening it up, it’s been closed for like 15 years. We’re gonna make it really cool and retro and I’ve got my plate full and it’s all good and I’m happy, so I hope that comes across. I don’t want to be seen as like a complete dirt bag with girls because I’m not like that, I think I’m pretty nice to everybody.

(Again, not a speed answer, but I'm feeling pretty generous today.)

Southern Charm premieres Monday, March 16 at 10 PM ET.

Image: Charles Sykes, Jeff Gentner/Bravo; bricesander/Tumblr