Will 'One Big Happy' Season 2 Happen? We Need So Much More From The New Comedy Series

It seems like just yesterday that we got acquainted with all the characters and complicated situations on NBC's One Big Happy. Platonic BFFs Lizzy (Elisha Cuthbert) and Luke (Nick Zano) are having a baby, while Luke is married to Prudence (Kelly Brook) — or so he thought. Things are more complicated than ever as the season finale gets ready to air on April 28, but will there be a One Big Happy Season 2 to help sort out this new family? There hasn't been any word yet, and though official news of renewal or cancellation probably won't come until NBC's upfronts next month, it doesn't look likely that the comedy will last past its six-episode first season.

According to review aggregator Metacritic, the reviews for the show produced by Ellen DeGeneres have not been the greatest — they range from mixed to unfavorable. Zap2It's Cancellation Bear, who is usually on the money about this kind of stuff, has already declared One Big Happy as likely to be canceled due to its low ratings. The outlook may not look good for this quirky comedy, but nothing is set in stone just yet. NBC hasn't made an official announcement about the show's fate, so fans should take that as a decent sign — and get as many friends as possible to watch Tuesday night's finale.

After all, there are still so many things that could be left unresolved in One Big Happy if the show doesn't return for a second season. Here are some stories and situations that would definitely be hilarious to see on the series if it comes back for Season 2.

Lizzy's Quest For True Love

We've seen Lizzy date a little bit on the show, but it's been kind of tough while she's pregnant. But what if she finds that one gal who understands and doesn't mind it at all? Lizzy will probably wonder what the catch is and analyze her to death, but she'll probably let herself fall in love after all of that worrying.

Luke & Lizzy (& Prudence) As Parents

One Big Happy has three distinct characters who are set to be in one unknown baby's life — all they need is the baby. Perhaps it would've been better if the show started as Lizzy was about to get birth, because seeing this trio as parents would've been one hilariously wild ride.

Luke & Prudence As Parents — Again

It seems like Luke and Prudence will one day want to have a biological child together. How will Lizzy and her child with Luke fit into their lives? Will they stay one big happy family? More kids are bound to make this equation way more complicated and hilarious.

Lizzy Realizing Motherhood Isn't Perfect

Lizzy is such an uptight perfectionist that it would be a hoot to see her unravel at all the unexpected craziness of motherhood. I don't have children myself, but I have heard from more experienced women that you should throw all your expectations and control-freak ways out the window. It would be fun to see Lizzy learn that lesson once the baby is born — or even during pregnancy.

Lizzy & Luke's Baby

Come on, you're wondering, too — what will their baby be like? Uptight like Lizzy, or laid-back like Luke?

Hopefully, we get to find out in Season 2 of One Big Happy and beyond.

Images: Greg Gayne/NBC (6)