Jude Law's Son Rafferty Looks Just Like His Famous Father & It's Time To Get Serious About That Music Career

While the world continues to wait for Kate Middleton to grace us with the royal baby (well, the second royal baby, anyway), there is other big news to be found in the world of celebrity children. Jude Law's son Rafferty attended a party over the weekend with his mother, Sadie Frost, and the Internet is going wild over exactly how much Rafferty has grown to look like his famous father. Sure, it's not as exciting as adding another person to the line of succession to the throne of England and Wales, but Rafferty Law is a model whose every photoshoot seems to be geared toward proving that he is the second coming of Jude Law — at least in the looks department.

One recent interview he had was with Teen Vogue, in which Rafferty confessed that he had zero interest in following his father into acting. Why? Because his true passion lies in music. "I'm in a band, Dirty Harrys," he told said in the interview. "My best friend Marley and I write all the songs, and we've been playing gigs around London... I would love to keep evolving with my band, recording more songs, and touring. I think I will always be in music!" That's likely why the latest photograph of Rafferty has him dressed like how I imagine Jude Law would look if he decided to start dressing like Eminem. (In a good way, mind you.)

If Rafferty really wants to get into music, there are worse careers that he could model his success after than Eminem's. I'm not talking about the horrific levels of misogynistic lyricism that seems to come so naturally to the man formerly known as Marshall Mathers; I'm talking in terms of hit singles, album sales, and general popularity. However, if Rafferty is really to become as big in the music world as his father is in the acting world, there are at least three things he needs to do first.

1. Release An International Song

The Dirty Harrys have been described as a punk, ska band, but this whole "playing gigs around London" thing will not stand. It's time to make the leap over to the Americas because that's totally where all the real fame happens. Don't believe me? Does a little English-Irish band called One Direction ring a bell?

2. Do More Photoshoots

The more he plays up the fact that he looks like a teenage Jude Law, the more likely it is that he'll make the album cover. I mean, they should put him on the album cover regardless. He already has the modeling experience, and some degree of fame. That's how you sell CDs, guys.

3. Don't Rely On His Famous Name, But Don't Hate It Either

Let's not forget how little the public sympathized with Kendall Jenner when she talked about how hard it was to be a Kardashian in the modeling world. 18 year old millionaire problems, am I right? Rafferty shouldn't rely on his father's fame to open doors for him, but he shouldn't complain about it either. After all, it does open doors.