Kate Middleton Sent Breakfast To Those On Royal Baby Watch, Proving That She's A Natural Caretaker

If I was over nine months pregnant, the last thing on my mind would be the well-being of others, but I'm not nearly as unselfish as the Duchess of Cambridge. On Tuesday morning, Prince William and Kate Middleton sent breakfast to some fans camped outside the hospital awaiting the royal baby's birth. This particular group of people has been camping out in the cold since April 16 in anticipation of the birth of the second heir to the throne. So, when the parents-to-be noticed them, they decided to act.

"They saw they had been camped out and wanted to send over some breakfast," a source for the palace said. The Duke and Duchess sent two boxes of pastries and some hot coffee to the crowd. People magazine made sure to note that the boxes were tied in pink ribbons. Perhaps a nod to the gender of the arriving baby?

"They knocked on the tent and said, 'Good morning, we have a present from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,'" one of the waiting fans told the magazine. "We're really touched — we thank them with all our hearts," said another.

It was a sweet gesture from Middleton, who has plenty to think about without also including the well-being of those camped outside her hospital room. Like that Middleton is reportedly overdue now. The Telegraph had given us an April 23 due date, which, if true, Middleton is now several days late on.

But even though she must be uncomfortable (that ninth month is the worst, I hear), she took time to think about the fans waiting in the cold for her to give birth. It's a good thing she's having another child, because it's clear Middleton is a thoughtful, kind mother.


Image: Getty Images (2)