Finally, A New Hillary Clinton Campaign Logo!

Much like Obama before her, Hillary Clinton's position on same-sex marriage has "evolved" (a term Obama coined) since she was first lady, and, later, Secretary of State. "You gather information, you think through positions, you're not one hundred percent set," she told NPR's Terry Gross in 2014 of her abrupt support of same-sex marriage. But she's 100 percent set now: Clinton adapted her campaign logo into a rainbow "H" sign on Tuesday, the day that the Supreme Court officially took up same-sex marriage and is set to rule on whether states are within their rights to ban it. A ruling is expected sometime in or before June.

One reason Clinton may have been so quick to adapt her campaign logo may have been, well, to get as far away from the much-mocked original as possible. Already a crucial talking point of her 2016 run — and not in a good way — the blue-on-red logo has been compared to the FedEx logo and a hospital sign, among other things, and it's been repeatedly pointed out that the arrow points to the right. (The conspiracy theory goes: Clinton will be a right-leaning president. It would not be a subtle conspiracy.) Visually, the rainbow logo is far more appealing; additionally, it puts Clinton on the front lines of ruling that, either way, will change the country forever.

Here's the old logo:

And the new:

Less than a month into her campaign, Clinton has been roundly criticized for apparently flip-flopping on the issue, which both she and President Obama have only recently supported publicly. "I think that we have all evolved, and it's been one of the fastest, most sweeping transformations that I'm aware of," she told NPR's Terry Gross.

She's right: the Supreme Court is expected to rule that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right in the United States, a move that would signify one of the biggest milestones yet for the American LGBT community. Gay marriage has so far been legalized in 36 states.

Images: Hillary Clinton/Twitter, Hillary Clinton/Facebook