BOGO Donuts At Krispy Kreme Today!

Fun fact: Today is National Superhero Day. Better fact: To celebrate National Superhero Day, Krispy Kreme is BOGO! In case you need a reminder of what BOGO means, it stands for “buy one, get one” — and in this case, the BOGO deal in question is of the coveted “buy one, get one free” variety: For one day only, buying a dozen Original Glazed donuts at participating Krispy Kreme locations will net you an additional dozen donuts absolutely free. There's some fine print, of course — the deal is only happening at participating U.S. Krispy Kreme locations; unfortunately Connecticut and Puerto Rico aren't eligible; the offer is limited to one per guest, per visit; and you can only take advantage of it at actual Krispy Kreme stores (not grocery or convenience stores that happen to sell Krispy Kreme donuts) — but that's to be expected. As long as you can work around those stipulations, hoorah! Free donuts!

The idea behind the promotion is to gift your extra dozen to a superhero in your life who deserves it — whether they're a literal superhero or a metaphorical one. That's obviously not the only way you can use your two dozen donuts, though; you could also, say, gift a donut to every person you see doing something nice for someone else today. Or you could just make 24 random people's days by handing out free donuts just for the heck of it and become a superhero yourself. Anything goes — although whatever you do, I would recommend sharing the wealth. That's what National Superhero Day is about, after all, right?

You know who would probably appreciate a donut? These folks:

1. Thor

He needs something to go with his coffee, of course.

2. Agent Carter

Peggy definitely deserves a donut after everything she's had to put up with — especially at work.

3. Batman

A donut won't solve all Batman's problems, but it might make him feel a little better about them.

4. Black Widow

Because obviously you need a donut after all that arse-kicking.

5. Buffy Summers

High school may be hell, but at least there are donuts.

6. The Incredibles

Donuts for the whole family!

7. Hal Jordan

He's still trying to get over the fact that the Green Lantern movie was so bad.

8. Moxie Girl

Because heck yes.

Images: Krispy Kreme/Facebook; Giphy (7); adventuresofmoxiegirl/Instagram