Kmart Austalia Normcore Guide Is Real And It Actually Nails 3 Things About An Already Easy-To-Nail Trend

Normcore is still a "thing." Know what else is a "thing?" Oh, just Kmart Australia's guide to dressing normcore. Yes, the guide is real, it's Normcore for Dummies, and it doesn't take itself too seriously, like some of the "messy clothes, don't care" hipsters who dress in the normcore style.

What's so intriguing about a guide to normcore dressing is not simply the fact that Kmart actually knows what "normcore" is, unlike some members of the fashion community (*ahem* Anna Wintour ). While the style is meant to be low-key and effortless, it's the domain of hipsters, whereas this particular discount retailer is anything but the domain of hipsters.

But what's more intriguing is the fact that normcore is a fall-in-line look that doesn't require too much thought or, well, a guide. It's meant to look effortless, like you grabbed the first item of clothing you saw and threw it on, rumpled or not, and therefore a guide is not really necessary.

That said, Kmart nails the normcore trend. If you didn't already know what it is, well, the guide accurately states, "Normcore is the liberating fashion trend that mixes easy pieces to achieve an effortless but cool neutral look — the perfect fashion antidote for guys who refuse to wear a particular dress code."

Isn't it ironic that it's a dress code for guys who refuse to have a dress code?

Here's where fashion gets meta and it has nothing to do with couture, although the high fashion world has tried to comprehend normcore to mixed results.

That said, here are three ways Kmart Down Under nails normcore — and I ain't talking about nails in the coffin of this trend, which looks here to stay. For now.

1. The '90s Are The Key

The guide makes its intentions immediately clear. You can be normcore without looking too grunge or like a dad from the '90s. The description notes that it's about neutral street wear and "relaxed, low-key dressing with just a touch of sporty ‘90s style." Well, who isn't hungover after getting drunk on '90s nostalgia last night, all the while ready to do it over again tonight?

2. Layers Are Always In Style

The guide points to layers — flannels, tees, and puffers — as the key element of normcore, so if a dude is fashion-challenged, in terms of lingo or how to put together a look-less look, this breaks it down for him.

3. Head Up

Normcore requires headgear. Hats. Hoodies. I'd even add headphones to that list. But... as the guide so deftly notes, headwear disguises bedhead. I think that a messy coif actually the crowning glory of normcore.

I honestly do not get any tongue-in-cheek action going on with this guide. It really is in layman's terms and is meant to have some utility for guys who want to get up and go when it comes to style.

Images: Kmart Australia (2); Giphy (1)