Does Getting A Septum Piercing Actually Hurt?

I assume that if you're reading this, you're thinking about getting a septum piercing, and with that, asking yourself: Does getting a septum piercing hurt? There are probably lots of things you're considering or are freaked out about, though: the cost, the healing time, whether you'll ever be able to blow your nose again, if your mom will ever stop saying you look like a bull. But seriously, despite all of my tattoos and piercings, the one question I get asked most often is, "How much does getting a septum piercing actually hurt?" For some reason, people seem terrified of the pain of getting this lil ring, but just go around throwing needles in their ear cartilage and nostrils like it's no big deal.

As a septum piercing-haver, I feel like I have to encourage you to do it! I got my septum pierced six years ago and I truly have not regretted it one time in over half a decade. I mean, I made some pretty terrible decisions as a 19-year-old, but getting my septum pierced was not one of them. Dating that skateboarder dude, on the other hand? Yeesh. Let's not get into that one. Just know that getting a little hole in your septum is much less painful and regrettable than dating a smarmy player. If the potential pain of a septum piercing is deterring you from putting a cute little ring in your nose, it shouldn't.

So here's the deal about what it's really like to get a septum piercing: You sit in the chair or lay on the table, the piercer cleans your nose, opens the package of a brand new needle (that's important), grabs a metal tube from the autoclave (also important), and then places the fluted end of the tube in one nostril. This tube prevents the piercing needle from going through your nostril, which is definitely a really good thing.

You'll then breathe in and the piercer will stick the needle through your septum, and the next thing you know, you have a septum piercing . The sensation? More like a pinch than anything else. You know when you slam your finger in a drawer? It feels like that with way less of the lingering soreness. It might also feel a little like a sting or a slight burning, and your eyes are definitely going to water. But you don't need to reassure your piercer that "you're not a baby" or that you're "like totally tough and stuff. Really, I'm fine. I'm not crying, I promise!" — it's your body's natural reaction to you sticking a needle through your face!

If your piercer is rad, they'll ask if you want to look at yourself with the needle all the way through your nose. At least mine did. I checked it out and I looked tough as hell, so I highly recommend it. Anyways, they will then pull the needle out, pop in a little horseshoe ring, and give you a bit of tissue to dab your eyes with, and send you on your way. (Give 'em a tip on your way out, won't you?) At said point, you get to go stare at your new face in a mirror for a few hours, take a couple dozen selfies, and try to avoid touching the magnificent shiny little bauble in the middle of your face. See? Pretty painless!

In case you're still in doubt, here are seven things that hurt way more than getting a septum piercing:

Waxing Your Legs

I mean, I love smooth legs as much as the next person, but....

When Zayn Left One Directon

Too soon?

Giving Birth

Or so I hear...

Having A Migraine

Is there anything worse?

Waking Up And Realizing You're Still Not Beyoncé

Every single day is a struggle.

Piercing Your Ear Cartilage

Of all the piercings I have gotten, the cartilage in my ear was by far the worst. A septum is nothing in comparison.

When Chipotle Is Out Of Guac

Yes, this has happened to me. Yes, it was the saddest day.

See? It's really not that bad! If you think something is cute enough, the chances are that you won't really mind a little pain to get it. I mean, the best things in life are worth a little hurt, right?

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