The Lessons We Learned From Topanga About Hair

by Christie Drozdowski

It's not uncommon, as a kid, to want to be just like your favorite characters on TV — and if you were a girl growing up in the '90s, you probably got your fashion cues and aspirations from characters like DJ Tanner (Full House), Kelly Kapowski (Saved By The Bell), and Laura Winslow (Family Matters). But the queen bee for all things hair was none other than Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World .

The quirky and sometimes misunderstood (especially in the beginning) love interest of Cory Matthews gave every girl in the 90s a healthy dose of some serious hair lust. I remember being enamored by her endless locks, secretly hoping that the long hair I had as a tween would fascinate people — especially boys — as much as Topanga's did to Cory.

One of the biggest things Topanga taught us about hair was that good hair never goes out of style. She rocked all kinds of looks, and no matter how she styled 'em, her locks were always the envy of everyone. She owned her hair in a massive way that not many TV characters have been able to replicate since. I mean, we're still gushing over it years later. So here are seven lessons Topanga taught us through her curly (then wavy, then straight) strands:

1. Long Hair Makes You Mysterious

Cory couldn't help but look at that hair every day as he sat behind Topanga in school. The hair itself was a force to be reckoned with, but it was the personality of the girl with the hair that made everyone want to figure her out.

2. Go For Every Style In The Book

If Topanga taught us anything, it was to go all out when it comes to styling your hair. She popped up on our screens with just about every look you can think of. From crimped to super bouncy curls to straight down her back, she tried it all. It's part of what made her so appealing, right?

3. It's Okay To Go For A Throwback 'Do

It was great to see her as an older teen wearing her crimped hairstyle from season one. She let everyone know that it's okay to keep liking something you did when you were younger. And that's definitely a part of the allure that is her hair!

4. Your Hair Doesn't Define You

Who can forget the episode where Topanga cuts her own hair to prove a point to Cory? You know, that you aren't attractive just because of your physical features. It was a defining moment for both her and all of us as we watched her become the young woman we all admired.

5. Bangs Can Work On Any Forehead

Who cares that her forehead is small? She proved that you can sport any look you want no matter what the fashion rules say!

6. Straight Hair Doesn't Mean Flat Hair

Even when her hair was just straight, there was so much volume! It bounced off her back with as much buoyancy as those gorgeous curls.

7. Blonde Hair Doesn't Mean You Can't Be Smart

We all knew her as the smartest student in the whole class. But just because she had blonde hair (even if some would call it dirty blonde) didn't mean she was going to fit the stereotype. Heck, she wasn't a stereotype in any way.

Images: ABC; Giphy