Stunning Night Time Photos Win Instagram

Creating an Instagram motif is a challenge, and sticking to one is pure commitment. Some stick to bright colors, others to more muted ones, and there's the genre of fully black and white Instagram accounts. By now, the jig's up, in that we know the difference between Instagram versus reality. (Yeah, that "laid-back selfie" I posted? It actually took me 18 pictures to get one I liked.) Yet we still search for picture perfect accounts, that can open our eyes to photos and perspectives we'd never experience otherwise—for instance, this Instagram of night time photos so stunning that they don't even seem real.

Self-taught Finnish photographer Mikko Lagerstedt is one of those 'grammers who uses social media to display his art and leave the rest of us in complete awe. He focuses specifically on night time photography, producing photos that bring in thousands of likes. It's hard not to be impressed by these photos, not just because of the stunning quality but by how they play with light even in complete darkness. If you've ever owned a camera, you are all too aware that taking great photos at night is hard.

Lagerstedt is based in Finland and brings the Earth's natural beauty to life by honing in on imagery in the sky or in the wilderness. When asked what shapes his vision and where his inspiration comes from Lagerstedt said, “Losing my best friend when I turned 20 has definitely influenced my work and how I see things surrounding us.”

Here are his absolutely unreal photos:

Casual views of the Northern lights

A rowboat in Greece

This Walking Dead-esque foggy photo

This photo that is basically screaming for us all to move to Finland ...

...And pretty much never leave

In all seriousness, how is it that the Finland Tourism Bureau isn't using these photos? This is how you draw people to your country.

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And then she does crazy amazing stuff like this too.

5. JustinsLens

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Images: mikkolagerstedt/Instagram