What Does Your Favorite 'Empire' Character Say About You? There Are A Lot Of Possibilities

Since Empire took over television screens at the beginning of 2015, the show has been praised for its glamorous styling, amazingly over-the-top story lines, and fantastic music. Unquestionably, all of these things have contributed to Empire’s outstanding ratings and unprecedented buzz. However, one of the main reasons why Empire is such a fantastic show is because the characters are multidimensional. Though we may like one character more than another, no one is entirely likable on the show (except perhaps Cookie, who is a flawless queen) — in fact, it’s the flaws that define and humanize each character, allowing us to feel more connected to them.

The Lyons alone are their own casts of characters, not to mention the plethora of guest stars that have already been introduced to us during the twelve episodes that made up Season 1. Obviously there are seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to picking out your personal favorite — and when it comes to picking out just one. (For instance, to name just a couple of my favorites, there is Porsha, Cookie’s assistant whose assisting skills are lackluster at best, and Andre, a man who is struggling to keep his illness and therefore his sanity in check.)

Even if you (hopefully) already know that you ride and die for Cookie, there is something that each one of the characters brings to the series that make it so entertaining. Here’s what your favorite Empire character says about you.

Lucious Lyon

You're ruthless when it comes to maintaining your business affairs and position as head of your family. As a result, you don't really have many friends because what you say is law; you don't have much time for whiners and naysayers. Though family is important, you are more than willing to sacrifice your family's happiness and well-being for your own personal goals. Though you have some regrets about how you've established yourself, you don't dwell too much in the land of regret.

Cookie Lyon

You love your family more than anything, and despite your tough exterior, you would sacrifice whatever possible to ensure their happiness. Fashion is in your blood, so you remain impeccably dressed at all times. You don't really believe in having a filter, so you are known for saying exactly what you feel, and you demand to be both seen and heard. You also have places to be and things to do, so beating around the bush is a sport that you refuse to indulge in.

Andre Lyon

You're extremely responsible and book smart. You've worked diligently for the things that you have, but you secretly long for a more creative outlet. Your family demands a lot from you, and you have sacrificed a great deal for their happiness and well-being. You have a plan for your life, but you don't quite have a Plan B in place should Plan A not pan out.

Jamal Lyon

You have a wonderful heart and sensitive soul. Though you desperately want to be accepted by your family, they often misunderstand you. You are constantly underestimated for your talents and abilities, which drive you to excel even further. People may not pay you much mind now, but rest assured, you will soon be a force to be reckoned with.

Hakeem Lyon

You're a bit spoiled, but that's OK because you have plenty of time to mature. You realized a long time ago that you were meant for greatness, so nothing can hold you back. You have some mommy issues that you're working through, so your relationships with women can prove a bit tumultuous at times. Overall, you have a good heart and you're silly and easygoing by nature. You simply need to learn how to manage your hurt and anger a bit better.

Anika Calhoun

Smart and calculating, you figured that would be enough to get you what you wanted in the end. Unfortunately you've discovered that your attributes proved insufficient in protecting you from betrayal. In an effort to not be fooled again, you may have decided to stop being so "nice" at some point along the way. You've become a master at channeling your pain to rage, and revenge has become one of your favorite pastimes.


Loyal to a fault, you're good at your job, but it isn't your passion. You get your real thrills from partying with your friends, dressing stylishly, and flirting with the object(s) of your desire.

Rhonda Lyon

People often mistake your silence for stupidity — however, you actually have the guts and brains to solve any obstacle that comes your way. You've done what you had to in order to achieve your current position in life, but you refuse to be criticized or pushed around for your decisions. Oh, and you love a good face mask.


Though you may not be super tech-savvy, you're rarely seen without your phone. Your job isn't fabulous, but you enjoy its many perks, so you're content to stay put for now. You aren't afraid to say what's on your mind, but sometimes, that can get you in trouble.

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