'American Horror Story: Coven's Angela Bassett Makes Us Feel Better About Being Such Wimps

If you've been having trouble sleeping since watching last week's episode of American Horror Story: Coven (Goat sacrifices! The Minotaur! Fiona Goode's general badassery!) don't worry — even Marie Laveau herself gets scared too. In a new interview with The Huffington Post to promote her role in the series, Angela Bassett revealed that Coven scares her, and she doesn't even watch it alone when she's at home. So, you know, don't feel bad about keeping your bedroom light on after you watch tonight.

From the interview:

I'm someone who saw the posters and said, "What in the world is that? That's interesting. That's scary as hell!" I'm really kind of a scaredy-cat. [laughs] So that's not something I really go looking for. [...] My girlfriend was visiting from out of town, and I was like, "Sit with me, I can't watch this by myself!"

See? Even Angela Bassett, the woman who plays the most badass voodoo queen in all of New Orleans, gets scared of her own show from time to time. You'd never be able to tell on the show because she's too busy being absolutely frightening and awesome, but hey, it's true.

In the interview (which is absolutely worth a read if you're a Coven fan, or just have good taste), Bassett also discusses the pros and cons of shooting in New Orleans, and what it's like portraying such a well-known, real-life historical figure like Marie Laveau. You should check it out in full.

Image: FX