Chris Evans Shaved His Beard For 'Captain America: Civil War' So Let's Look Back At 6 Of Its Shining Moments

Well, I suppose all good things must come to an end. Of course, that doesn't make the fact that Chris Evans shaved his beard any more bearable. If you only know the actor for his role as Captain America in the film franchise, perhaps that'll make it easier to part with his incredible whiskers, though. After all, he's parted with his man scruff to begin filming for the third movie, Captain America: Civil War, which is set to be released in 2016. (I mean, I personally wouldn't mind a scruffier version of the clean cut Captain America, but that's another story.)

Considering that Chris let his beard accompany him throughout the winter, we obviously aren't the only ones mourning the loss. "We had a good run," he wrote on his Twitter account. Well, Chris, don't worry, there's always next winter — or any other time when you aren't filming and can bring it back for us. I'm sure the bear trend won't die down before then, and even if it does, it's men like you who can rock a good bear any time.

Going to see The Avengers: Age of Ultrun soon, as it comes out this Friday, will help us get used to the hairless Chris Evans, but before we go and forget about his fabulous man hair, let's celebrate its six best moments:

1. With A Leather Jacket

First up (from not too long ago) is Chris at the MTV Movie Awards, in this bad-ass leather jacket and beard combo: Because beards are one thing. But add to them a leather jacket and swoon.

2. With A Cocked Eyebrow

Further proof that beards accentuate, not deter, from great facial features.

3. With His Avengers Buds

Bearded selfies are like a woman's lipstick selfies. And don't they look like they must have the most fun on set?

4. With This Preppy Look

He rocked this outfit in his Arena Magazine Cover, and that plaid with the tie makes the beard shine.

5. With A Great Smile

I mean, who can resist? There's something so hearty about a man with a good laugh and a great beard. I bet the beard makes his jokes even funnier.

6. In A Tuxedo

Who says beards can't clean up well? Chris makes it look effortless with the bow tie. Who wouldn't want to be arm in arm next to this handsome fellow as he takes you out for nice evening?

Images: Getty; igchrisevans/Twitter; absept22, jdhill1674, stormlessluke/Twitter