Did Nina Go To Ian & Nikki's Wedding?

This one's for my fellow Vampire Diaries fans. If you're like me, you're probably still reeling over the fact that Ian Somerhalder married Nikki Reed over the weekend. Don't get me wrong, I want nothing but happiness for Somerhalder, but now that Damon Salvatore is officially off the market, well, I'm allowed to be somewhat sad. With that out of the way, let's talk about something really important: did Nina Dobrev go to Somerhalder and Reed's wedding?

First, and based on no factual information whatsoever, I'm going to say no, because wouldn't it be somewhat awkward to go to your ex-boyfriend's wedding? I'm sure some can push past that awkwardness to support someone they once deeply cared about, but still it would be uncomfortable — at least for me. However, seeing as Dobrev and Somerhalder appear to be friends, even after their split, there's a good chance she went to her ex-flame's wedding.

With that said, it looks like my first thought is correct, at least based on Hollywood Life's report that Dobrev rejected Somerhalder's "painful" wedding invitation. According to an insider, “She was invited. She actually thought about going, but in the end Nina decided it would just be too awkward." The source also added, “She truly does love Ian with all of her heart, but watching him marry Nikki would have just been too painful. She’s now closed two doors in her life and just wants to move forward.”

Anyone else thinking back to that time Rachel turned down Ross' wedding invitation on Friends?

Also, it appears Dobrev is remaining positive about the wedding, especially if this tweet is related to Somerhalder's nuptials. On Sunday, she tweeted:

Is that directed to Somerhalder? Who knows, but, if so, I admire Dobrev for being civil. Based on the two actors' maturity and friendship after their breakup, I have no doubt that even if Dobrev didn't attend the wedding, she wants nothing but the best for Somerhalder.