Good News For Classic Horror Film Fans

by Kaitlin Reilly

Philosophical question time: Are there any original ideas anymore? When you look at the string of recent remakes, you might be inclined to believe that, no, there are not. Horror films are particularly common to reboot — after all, what scared us years ago can still horrify us — only this time with even better special effects. The Hollywood Reporter has just announced that a remake of 1973's Don't Look Now is on its way, which means that a whole new generation will be freaked out by the little girl in the red coat. The 1973 supernatural film, which starred Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, tells the story of a couple who moves to Venice, Italy, shortly after their child dies in an accident. Strange events begin to occur around them that seem connected to their daughter's untimely death. The thriller is famous for iconic imagery (like that person in a red coat) and a remake will certainly be familiar to any cinephile.

Of course, that's the idea — not only do these horror reboots want to successfully freak people out in the new decade, but they also want people to enjoy the nostalgia that comes with seeing a an old film set in the present day. (Or at least with present-day filmmaking technologies.)

On that note, Don't Look Now is just the latest in a long line of new horror flicks getting the reboot treatment, and here's a few others we should look out for as well:


Sam Rockwell will star in this reboot of the 1982 classic that made you afraid to go near your television set. In this trailer, it seems to be the frightening clown toy that will terrorize audiences the most. The new film will be released on May 22, 2015.


This new version of iconic '90s slasher Scream will take place on the small screen: MTV has adapted the super-meta franchise into a TV series, which will premiere this summer.

The Omen

Like Scream, this '70s horror flick will also me remade as a television — albeit, with a twist. The demonic child from the original is now all grown up, and must fight the darkness inside him in the Lifetime series Damien , which is currently in production.

The Crow

A reboot of this revenge film is in the works, though according to actor Luke Evans, the new film will be based specifically on the original comic and not on the film version from the '90s.


If clowns are the stuff of your nightmares, then this remake of mini-series It, which itself was based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, is definitely NOT for you. The film, which will be the first in a two-part series, is scheduled to begin shooting in summer of 2015.

Shutter Island

The Martin Scorsese flick is getting the TV show treatment as well, this time as a prequel tentatively titled Ashecliffe after the mental hospital from the original film.

Friday The 13th

Yes, there's talk of another reboot of the Jason-centric slasher. The most recent reboot of the '70s franchise was in 2009, and now there's talks of yet another movie in the works, tentatively set for release in May of 2016. It's unclear whether the new Friday The 13th will be a sequel to the 2009 version or whether it will scrap the mythology entirely, but one things for sure: just like Jason, these slasher films just won't die.

Image: British Lion Films