13 Times 'Friends' Monica & Rachel Were Your Ultimate Friendship Goals

Friends taught us many things – ranging from how to flip off your parents without them knowing to how not to make an English trifle to how to commit insurance fraud. But Friends taught us more serious lessons as well — and its these lessons that have made the show such a mainstay in popular culture. They taught us about love, loyalty, and friendship (obviously). Friends gave us some of the greatest fictional friendships ever, including the most epic friendship of all time — Monica Geller and Rachel Green. Monica and Rachel were the ultimate dynamic duo and here are 13 ways Monica and Rachel were your friendship goals.

Monica and Rachel set your #friendshipgoals before #friendshipgoals (or even hashtags) were a thing. Rachel, it's worth noting, also was rather ahead of her time inspiring #hairgoals: I admittedly fell prey to 'The Rachel' back in middle school and let's just say that I quickly had to establish some new #hairgoals after I saw how that haircut looked on my head. RIP, my sixth grade school pictures.

BUT, I digress — back to Mon and Rachel! These two were essentially the human incarnation of matching best friends necklaces (Monica would be the “Best” half of the “Best Friends” heart, for obvious reasons). Monica and Rachel wrote the book on BFFs, and they showed us a friendship that was worth waiting for. So, without further ado, I give you the 13 ways that Monica and Rachel set your #relationshipgoals.

They Were There For All the Important Moments

From Rachel's first real job to Monica's wedding to Rachel's baby, these two were there for all of the important moments (and even the unimportant ones). Could there be a greater friendship than one where your BFF is there for every single important moment, every day of joy, and every time of struggle? I don't think so.

They Go Way, Way Back

There is nothing better than lifelong friends who have gone through all the awkward transitions of life. Rachel and Monica loved each other from the get-go. They were friends before Rachel's new nose, before Monica lost all the weight, and before the inception of the Friends gang. They have endless amounts of dirt on each other and their friendship has withstood the fictional test of time.

They Have Epic Fights

One of the signs of a good relationship is the ability to fight in a healthy way and come out even stronger when things cool down. Rachel and Monica had some hilarious fights over the course of Friends, but they were always able to bounce back and laugh about it later.

They Can't Lie to Each Other

True friends have a hard time lying to each other. When friends do lie to each other, they are also really bad at pulling the fib off. Rachel and Monica had a hard time lying to each other, especially about important stuff; Monica felt terrible when she had to keep her relationship with Chandler a secret from Rachel, for example.

They Have Lots in Common...

... and aren't afraid to admit their flaws.

They Know How to Tear Up a Dance Floor

Is there a truer test of friendship than an empty dance floor? Monica and Rachel know how to kill it on the dance floor (obviously) and aren't afraid to get the party started.

They Are Great Wingwomen

Most of the time...

They Always Know What the Other One Needs

Mon and Rachel are always there for each other with a cocktail in hand when times get rough.

They Encourage Each Other to Confront Their Fears

Everyone needs that special friend who pushes you to do the things that scare you.

They Accept Each Other's Flaws

Rachel and Monica love each other, warts and all.

They're Basically Sisters

... and they bicker like it.

They Support Each Other's Crazy Ideas


They Inspire Hilarious Fan Videos, Like This One

I may or may not have gotten a little misty-eyed...

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