Who Is Abby On 'Finding Carter'? This New Character Could Be Crash's Sister

This could be a totally harmless addition to Finding Carter — but David's TA Hillary could've also been a harmless addition, if they didn't start having an affair on Tuesday night. After Crash's return to Finding Carter, I was far from confident that things wouldn't continue to get worse now that he's back from prison. But it definitely seems like the newest character to be introduced to Carter's world might have something to hide and, well, most sketchy things lead back to Crash. So, is Abby Crash's sister on Finding Carter ? After Tuesday night's episode, it seems entirely possible.

We know that Crash and his brother were abandoned by their mother at their aunt's house and that his brother died when Crash's truck caught fire. But that doesn't mean — even for one second — that Crash couldn't have another, older sibling hanging around. And, considering how their interaction went down at the fair on Tuesday night, Abby and Crash could definitely have a history. Sure, it could be that he sold her drugs back when he was the neighborhood's resident bad boy and drug dealer, but why would Abby go out on a limb to sing his praises to Carter AND Elizabeth if he were just her former dealer?

First of all, Finding Carter never introduces a character that is absolutely irrelevant and they especially wouldn't do that during Season 2, which is already set to be more dramatic than the series' breakout first season. And, honestly, there's no good drama that can come from Abby being someone that simply bought drugs from Carter's ex-boyfriend. When Carter confronts Abby about hanging out "the guy she's seeing," it's obvious that she interrupted something a lot more important than Crash just singing Carter's praises to a school administrator that "doesn't get her." They're shifty and Crash picks up — convincingly, might I add — on what Abby's getting at with the ease of two people that have known each other for awhile. But, really, that wasn't the major tell that Crash and Abby might be related.

On Tuesday night, Abby defended Crash to Elizabeth, calling him a good guy and asserting that he could be good for Carter. I mean, this is the guy that SHOT MAX in Season 1 — in my eyes, he's far from a "good guy." You know who's the only person who could stick by someone after that? Family. And for Abby to go way beyond what her job would allow IRL to defend Crash in that moment, there's got to be something more there than just fondness from him telling her how great Carter is. If Abby's not related to Crash, she's definitely hiding something else, but here's hoping that she might be able to save Crash from making a huge mistake hanging around his uncle.

Image: screengrab/MTV