Max Might've Been Framed On 'Finding Carter'

I'll admit it, Crash is kind of starting to soften my very #JusticeForMax attitude over the past few weeks. I was entirely unsupportive when Crash returned to Finding Carter earlier in Season 2, but it really did seem like he was trying to turn over a new leaf on Tuesday's episode. As usual, though, the series is forcing me to consider the alternative — that Crash is actually not sorry for everything he's done. So, is it possible that opening fire on everyone's dream boyfriend wasn't enough and Crash just framed Max on Finding Carter ? I mean, there's no way he had no idea about the drugs in his uncle's shop, right?

It's so hard for me to not believe the worst when it comes to Crash's intentions. I mean, he shot Max and broke-up Maxlor, after all — and that really breaks my heart to this day. And, I know that you're thinking that, if Carter and Max can both try to give him a second chance and forgiveness, I should be able to as well. Honestly, it's not really that simple because there's something very fishy about what's going on at Crash's uncle's auto shop.

Crash did a really great thing when he offered Max a job (even though he really has no experience as a mechanic, might I add) but, just like he joked during last Tuesday's episode, make is a lifesaver that almost killed him. So, why would I not assume that he knew exactly what he was asking Max to do when he asked him to cover for him so Crash could spend more time with Carter at the fair? I'd be a fool not to and I'm quite tired of getting played by Crash's puppy dog eyes and his little SAT care package.

Now, don't take this the wrong way because this isn't just my prejudice against Crash's prior offenses. The first fact here is that Crash's uncle trusted him enough to call him and ask him to handle this situation. Sure, he could be totally ignorant, but Crash is a former drug dealer and he just handed $2000 over to Carter during last week's episode that he seemed to have pulled out of thin air. Yes, I know he's working now, but that doesn't mean that he's not supplementing his income in other ways. It says a lot that his uncle was willing to involve him in this and it doesn't speak well for Crash's integrity. So, it's entirely possible that Crash just wanted to spend more time with Carter, but it's equally possible that he just didn't want to run the risk of getting caught so soon after getting out of prison. Either way, Max trusts him, so it'd be easy for the bad version of Crash to take advantage of that and, frankly, I'm not quite sure he really learned his lesson in Season 1.

Image: screengrab/MTV