Are Lori & Crash Working Together On 'Finding Carter'? That Could Explain Her Mysterious Phone Call

We’re only two episodes into the second season of Finding Carter, and boy, have we viewers already been hit with a ton of information. It’s so satisfying, but unfortunately, it’s also opening up even more cans of worms. One thing we don’t know? Who was Lori on the phone with when she kidnapped Carter? Let’s backtrack for a second: During the Season 1 finale, Lori drugged and snatched Carter, and in the Season 2 premiere, Carter woke up to see Lori talking hurriedly on a burner cell phone. Later in that episode, we found out that Lori is actually Carter and Taylor’s biological mother, since she anonymously donated eggs to Elizabeth and David. The only problem with this is, Lori now thinks she has rights to her children (which Elizabeth explained she signed away during the whole egg donation process). Lori is now in jail, but trust me: She’s already torturing the family from afar, since she and David owned up to their past affair.

Due to David and Lori's past relationship, there are some who think David was on the other end of that phone call, but I don’t. Who else would be so desperate to get Carter back that they would decide to kidnap her? David technically already had his daughter, so why would David be on the phone? He wouldn’t be. That would make him an accessory to kidnapping. I think that Crash was on the phone with Lori, and that’s the conversation Carter overheard when she woke up.

The last time we saw Crash was at the end of Season 1. He was being arrested for the attempted murder of Max, whom he shot in a robbery-gone-wrong before fleeing the scene. Not cool, Crash. Before the whole shooting thing, Crash and Carter were out on a Bonnie-and-Clyde-esque plan to get the hell out of town before Elizabeth or the cops could find them. They were in love and would only need each other, you guys! You know, the typical stuff that teenagers think when they consider running away.

The only problem with this is that Crash has a serious criminal record, and Elizabeth put out an Amber alert to get her daughter back. It worked! Carter ended up turning Crash in, and he was sent to jail or juvie or wherever they put Rebel Without A Cause bad boys in shearling-trimmed coats these days.

Crash has already shown that he’s an impulsive person with very poor decision making skills (see: shooting Max), so if he really thought that he was going to lose Carter, would he go to an extreme to get her back? Absolutely. And he’s delusional enough to think that she would be happy to see him after all of it was over. Just Crash, Lori, and Carter on the run — one big happy family, right? In the last episode, Crash came back, crashing (pun intended) a party Bird threw in Carter’s honor. Sprung from the clink, Crash went to find Max (to apologize) and Carter to make sure she was safe. Mostly, I think he just wanted to see Carter.

If Crash implicated in this kidnapping, things are going to get a lot worse for him, so maybe he just came to say goodbye? Finding Carter is taking us on a very dark and twisty road, so we’ll just have to sit down and hold on to find out.

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