Iris Learns Barry's Big Secret On 'The Flash'

by Rachel Paige

How are all of the WestAllen 'shippers in The Flash fandom holding out? You guys OK? Because Tuesday's episode of The Flash gave Barry Allen and Irish West 'shippers reason to live again. Not only is it revealed that Barry and Iris get MARRIED in the future (as revealed by Iris hyphenating her last name) but Iris learns that Barry is The Flash. So much for keeping his identity a secret from her.

In the final moments of the episode, the Reverse-Flash has to come in and ruin a moment between Iris and Eddie. Eddie's about to propose, but instead he's grabbed and rushed away by the Reverse-Flash. Thankfully, Barry comes running in at this moment, and reassures Irish that he's going to get him back. As he speeds away, that's when Iris asks aloud, to no one in particular, "Barry?" It seems Iris has figured it out.

Usually when Iris and The Flash are talking, Barry's kept his distance from her. He's insisted on it, actually. He won't let Iris get too close to him, for fear that she might recognize him. He's also been altering his voice, to make it reverberate more, so she can't detect his tone. He was changing his voice and blurring his face once again, but this time he was close enough to actually hold Irish. He grabbed her shoulders. He grabbed her hand. She was able to look right into his face, and hear his voice up close, and as he let go of her hand, that's when she knew. She knew it was Barry.

What does this mean for Iris and Barry now? Knowing Iris, I can see her bluntly confronting him about his secret identity. Iris is a reporter, after all, and she wants the cold, hard facts. I imagine she'll ask him about this, because she needs to know if her hunch is right.

Knowing Barry, he's going to deny this whole thing, and try to skirt around the subject. I can see him trying to convince Iris that he's not the Flash, and maybe she'll believe it to his face, but she'll know better. Iris is in on this secret now, whether Barry — or Joe! — likes it. And somewhere, way down the line in the future, these two crazy kids actually admit their feelings for one another, and live happily ever after — until April 24, 2024, but let's not talk about that now.

So yeah, the future doesn't look that bad for WestAllen fans, huh?

Images: Dean Buscher/The CW; captainswaan/Tumblr (2)