9 Reasons Why Your Mom Is The Greatest Woman On The Planet (Not That You Needed Reminding)

Whether or not you've mentioned any of them to her lately, there are a million reasons why your mom is the best person in your life. Moms are courageous, spectacular beings who understand the depth of love more than anyone else, and on Mother's Day, we need to let them know that the feeling is definitely mutual. They carried us in their bellies, endured consistent vomiting and stretch marks in order to do so, and pushed us out into the world cloaked in their undying motherly love for as long as you shall live.

And really, any woman who voluntarily cares for another human being should be celebrated. It's one of the hardest jobs a person can have, and while Mother’s Day is the designated slot on the calendar where you give your mom cred for all her work, ideally you should be showing appreciation to this amazing lady all year long. Make sure her sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. Give her about a million thank-yous. And on Mother’s Day, make her feel like the most special woman on Earth… because she is. So call your mom, get her something nice, and tell her just how awesome she really is. And not like you need any reminding, but here are just a few of the reasons why she is the most wonderful person you know.

1. Because she's supportive of everything you do

Remember when you told her you were going to marry JTT? Remember when you wore baggy pants and tie-dyed shirts and you thought it looked cool? Remember when you said you wanted to become a ballerina by day and a ninja by night? She cheered you on every single time. And I'm sure it wasn't easy.

2. Because she's your biggest fan

She displayed your sloppy kid drawings on her desk at work, she applauded your emo poems about love in high school, and no matter what you choose to do in life, she will be proud of you.

3. Because she's brave

Being a mom is a brave act. Not only is the act of giving birth frightening and all too real, but loving someone so much and giving them the freedom to make their own choices is somehow even scarier. If that's not courage, I don't know what is.

4. Because she always knows best

You can now look back at the guy in college you thought was "so hot," and admit that your mom was right about him being wrong for you. He was only interesting because of his leather jacket.

5. Because she's the coolest

When women age, their capacity to give any f***s about what others think of them diminishes entirely. Your mom has mastered this. And there's truly nothing cooler than not caring about looking cool.

6. Because she puts your needs before her own

She went days without showering just so she could be ready in a flash to wipe your butt and dry your tears. Sure, you were a baby then, but her level of sacrifice is still there today.

7. Because she's loved every gift you've ever given her

The macaroni necklace you made her was cute, sure, but was it REALLY something she wanted to wear to work? Probably not. But because you made it with your tiny little paws, she loved it like pearls.

8. Because she will defend and protect you in ANY Situation

Once a mama bear, always a mama bear. I'd bet money that if she were ever faced with the jerk who broke your heart in college, she would rip him to shreds.

9. Because she's basically a superhero

What's a superhero? Someone who uses their exceptional power to bravely face and defeat approaching enemies. Mom's power is her love for you, and she will take down any shady characters who look at you the wrong way. In fact, maybe you should just get her a cape, because she certainly deserves one.

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