6 Striking Books Less Than 200 Pages

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Although conquering a literary mountain like Infinite Jest or The Goldfinch can be a great feeling, sometimes a 900-page behemoth of a book feels like an insane challenge that you're just not up to taking on (not to mention that if you're carrying around a physical copy instead of an ebook, your shoulders are probably already tensing up.) Even worse, the guilt that’s associated with not finishing this season’s giant book is an awful force to be reckoned with. Imagine: getting seventy pages in, deciding it’s not for you, and then having a solid four pounds of unread novel on your nightstand. Ouch.

Shorter novels and novellas relieve you of that stress — with absolutely no sacrificing on literary merit or satisfaction. While we’re sure we don’t have to tell you that size doesn’t matter, it’s especially important to remember that length isn't always the indicator of a story's impact or breadth. We were just pleasantly reminded of that fact after we finished Rebecca Walker's recently released Adé (New Harvest), which shows exactly how powerful and satisfying shorter novels and novellas can be. Read on for a few books that prove big literary things can come in small packages. Your shoulders will thank you!

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