Weed Ice Cream Is Now A Thing That Exists, So Basically All Your Wildest Dreams Just Came True — VIDEO

California seems like the promised land, especially if you find the promise of THC-infused treats specifically appealing. We've already talked about Jeff the 420 Chef turning food into edible marijuana treats, but now that this family makes weed ice cream, I see no reason to leave the Bay Area ever. (Fine, if we're being realistic, I gotta quickly add that pot lube to the menagerie of stoner necessities, and I don't know if that's Bay Area specific.) Clearly subscribing to the same philosophy, a MUNCHIES corespondent traveled to Sausalito to further investigate the Cannabis Creamery.

You know, anyone who survived even a minimal foray into collegiate cannabis culture or attended a music festival understands the ease of extra baked goods. Infusing butter with marijuana shake is seriously not hard, which is why most people on the planet have at least one pot brownie story. (A story that usually caps off with melting into the couch or something equally anticlimactic. I really don't need to hear any more of these anecdotes, seriously, guys.) But with ice cream, there isn't much of a place for butter, as it turns out. As owner Isaac Lappert leads around host Abdullah Saeed through his factory, he explains Cannabis Creamery uses something besides butter to lift their special kind of ice-cream, thus lifting the human enjoying a cone of the stuff. Although that individual ingredient is a family trade secret, it's pretty rad to get the secondhand tour.

Look at him! Like some sort of evil but not evil (because he's basically making heaven on earth) scientist. Lappert's family had the original business boomin'—Lappert’s Ice Cream—before he made his most based twist. The whole weed thing started when his father, Michael, fulfilled a special, stony request from Grateful Dead about three decades ago, however it was Isaac who pushed forward in more serious efforts. Sure, neither Lappert revealed the exact process their ice cream undergoes to be such a perfect pothead snack, Isaac does explain the fairly easy steps needed to DIY some decent substitute at home:

How hard is Saeed living his truth and my personal dream right here?

Mint chocolate chip weed ice cream sounds dope as hell. Frankly, any weed ice creams sounds dope as hell. I'm easy, maybe. But I do have some ideas for future flavors. Whether or not I'll gather the courage and prowess necessary to actually attempt any of these is TBD. Anyway, so far I can think of:

"Pearway To Heaven"

Listen, if it all started with the Dead, I'm gonna keep rolling on this stoner rock pun rollercoaster with Led Zeppelin. Plus pears are delicious. Rick Ross knows this.

"Because I Got Pie"

A vanilla base with smashed pieces of pie. An obvious ode to Afroman and possibly even Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen".

"Young, Wild, & Brie"

Here's a savory take on pot ice cream. Plus, I believe cheese belongs in more desserts.

"Pass The Cookie"

It's a weak pun attempt, but delicious nonetheless. Cookies 'n cream THC-infused frozen delight? YUP.

"Last Dance With Candy Cane"

A holiday edition for Tom Petty fans, clearly.

My work here is nearly done. Now I just gotta get an offer letter from the Lapperts as new chief of chiefin' flavor development. I'll remember y'all on the other side, promise.

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