Hottest Math Teacher Has A New Modeling Gig

The term “beauty and brains” does not only apply to females, my friends. Last month students from London College did some extra curricular research on their hot math professor, only to find out their teacher was doing more in his office hours than playing with numbers. Of course, we're referring to Professor Pietro Boselli, the new face of Charlie by Matthew Zink, who was shot posing like the teacher I certainly never had, in none other than tight white briefs, high socks and shiny black shoes for the underwear and swimsuit brand.

Abs and algebra make for an excellent marketing strategy, don't you think? It would come as no surprise if the brand's sales increase wildly.

But let's not overlook the hard work this man put into his studies in addition to his pecks. We love a man with good looks and book smarts, and Boselli's resume is rather impressive on that front. While participating in and winning the European Fitness Model competition, Boselli graduated with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from London College in 2014. It's clear that he puts at least as much time in at the library as he does at the gym. And boy are both of those habits paying off, eh?

I'm sure living a double life can only last so long, especially when you look like that. I'm starting to wonder what my professors worked on in their spare time. Google, here I come.

I'll leave you with that.

Image: pietroboselli/Instagram