The Best (& Worst) Beauty Moments From 'Laguna'

by Emily McClure

Let's be honest: No one has or will ever rock bold blonde highlights like the cast from Laguna Beach. I've been trying to rock the hair and makeup trends from Laguna Beach ever since the opening credits introduced me to the concept of #HairEnvy. Streaked highlights, self tans, and shimmery eyeshadow? These girls were my makeup inspiration for a better half of a decade.

There was nothing like seeing these girls primp before a big night out. With curling irons and black eyeliner galore, I would dutifully watch making sure I could recreate their signature beachy looks the next day in high school. It didn't matter that the scenes were mostly staged (looking at you "Black and White Affair"), I loved the show regardless.

From Cabo to prom, these girls were on their A-game. Kristen sported eyeliner to the pool, Lauren was never seen without lipgloss, and I'm pretty sure Lo wore literal pounds of body glitter. These girls were fresh-to-death, and I wanted all of their beauty secrets.

These girls are all grown up now, and so dunzo with all of their high school drama. However, it can't hurt to round up the best and worst beauty trends that these girls inspired in the first season of Laguna Beach, right?

The Best

1. Lauren's Hair

Let's go back/back to the beginning.. Lauren Conrad's is the quintessential California blonde. I can't tell you the amount of times I tried to highlight my hair like hers. Let's just say that not all of us are meant to be blonde...

2. Kristen's Eyeliner

Say what you will about Kristen, but her eyeliner was always on point. How did it NEVER smudge?

3. Christina's Side Braid

It takes a lot of confidence to not invite LC and Lo to your birthday party. However, with side braids like this you can do as you please.

4. Morgan's Eyeshadow

Find an episode where Morgan's eyeshadow isn't perfect. I tried. There isn't one.

5. Lo's Pearly Whites

This smile is brought to you by her graduation present (a new car).

6. Squad Goals

So much faded denim. This was the mid-2000's dream team.

The Worst

1. Alex's Crunchy Waves

What is this? What are we doing here?

2. Kristen's "Natural" Pool Look

Her hair is wet, but her eyeliner and lipstick are freshly applied? I'm calling BS.

3. Crimped Hair

It was EVERYWHERE in Season 1. Girls, get it together.

4. So. Much. Eyeliner

I mention Kristen's eyeliner above, because it accentuated her eyes. Here LC is wearing way too much of the stuff. Even Stephen Colletti commented on her look. When Stephen notices something besides himself, it's bad.

5. This Hairstyle

Is it a bun? Is it half-back style? Why is she wearing a choker?

6. Whatever the Hell This Is

Just let this soak in. Thanks for the mems, Laguna.

Images: MTV (13)