Here Are The Most Terrifying Plane Takeoffs And Landings Ever, In Case You Wanted To Give Yourself Nightmares Forever — VIDEO

If you want to scare the crap out of yourself in a very real, non-fantasy way, have I got a post for you! Here are some of the most incredibly terrifying plane takeoffs and landings of all time. Already afraid of flying? These should make you EVEN MORE SCARED FOR YOUR LIFE. No afraid of flying at all? Think again, smugly, because these are probably going to put the fear of God into even the biggest doubting Thomas.

As we know, objectively, flying isn't actually all that dangerous. But the concept of being up in the sky, in a giant, free moving can, isn't one that we've quite been able to completely wrap our tiny human minds around yet. It still seems like a bit of a miracle, and as such, the most dangerous thing you can do. Even though we know the most dangerous thing you can do is exist, followed closely by driving, eating junk food, smoking, drinking alcohol and laying in the sun (things a lot of us do much more regularly than flying).

It's completely masochistic to sit here and watch these, but you're going to do it anyway, because that's what we, as people, do. We like to be irrationally terrified of the things we're already a little bit afraid of. Here are some of the most terrifying plane takeoffs and landings I could find online:

1. This plane landing at an angle in a crosswind

Cargospotter on YouTube

2. These planes that take off and land so close to civilization they literally blow people over

davidjellis on YouTube

3. This plane landing that's too close for comfort

AirFlight HD on YouTube

4. This plane that comes in almost completely sideways


5. These planes that all look like they're going to be blown out of the air by strong wind

flugsnug on YouTube

6. This wonky takeoff that almost cost the plane its right wing

curuxiane on YouTube

7. This plane that...OMG, I can barely even

CNN on YouTube

8. This plane that STRUGGLES to get off the ground

angelofwax on YouTube

9. And if that wasn't enough, here's a compilation of terrifying landings and take offs from The Daily Mail

Fly safe, everyone.

Images: Getty Images; YouTube(9)