Celebs Were Just As Young & Awkward As Us At Prom

Prom is just one of those things that unites us, in all of its awkward and embarrassing glory. OK, I guess some people are really lucky to have had a brilliant night while standing on stage and being crowned prom queen or king. But at least for me, it was a night of stupid high school drama, feeling uncomfortable in a baby blue gown my mother insisted I wore, and being with my boyfriend who was more interested in acting like a fool with his boys. Ahh, memories! As it turns out, because prom has become such an adolescent institution, it is pretty guaranteed that most of us will have a story to share and, of course, that includes our favorite celebrities.

We have already rounded up some celebrities who went solo and were proud, and I even learned through my celebrity prom sleuthing that the QUEEN OF POP, Madonna, didn't even go to prom and sat "home alone" because she couldn't get a date. I think simply being Madonna makes up for missing the night.

In case you thought you were alone, celebrities, too, stood in front of cruise ship-themed backdrops and wore hilariously dated dresses and suits, so let's take a look and giggle at some of our favorite celebrities at prom. We were all there at one point and it ended up OK for all of us.

Jennifer Aniston

I don't know how Rachel Green would feel about this haircut.

Ellen DeGeneres

This might be the most '70s picture I've ever seen.

George Clooney

He always had those dreamboat eyes, I see.

Brad Pitt

The strategically placed house plants really do it for me.

Halle Berry

I guess high school really is all fun and games for some people!

Angelina Jolie

This prom photo is so odd, but so perfectly Angelina Jolie that it's funny. Shout out to all the awkward smilers everywhere!

Matthew McConaughey

He hasn't changed one bit.

Natalie Portman

That sparkly pastel dress situation brings back a lot of '00s memories.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton has always been the life of the party.

Jessica Alba

Alba went for the renaissance princess theme and she was loving it.

Barack Obama

President Obama's smile has always been infectious but I have some questions about those random vines draping them. Like, why?

Bethenny Frankel

You know those dresses you always see at the thrift store that are so, so '80s? Well, this is one of them.


Proof that Queen B has always been glamorous.

Kim Kardashian

Young Kim K looks a lot like Jessica Alba, and I'm totally jealous.

Bruno Mars

Looks like he's been planning his "Motown Funk" video looks since high school.


This is my favorite prom look of all time.

Lance Bass

Remember when Lance Bass dated TOPANGA?!

So there you have it! See, it was just as embarrassing for everyone.