Cheetos Popcorn Might Be Coming To A Movie Theater Near You, So Gird Your Cinema Snack Loins

What's your movie theater snack of choice? Popcorn? Cheetos? Popcorn and Cheetos? Well, I have good news for those of you who fall into the third camp: Cheetos popcorn might be coming to movie theaters at some point in the future. Not only that, but we've even just gotten a glimpse of what it might look like in all its bright orange, cheese-drenched glory. Are you ready for this? Really? Can you handle it? OK. Let's do this thang.

To be fair, Cheetos-branded popcorn isn't exactly new; it's been available under the name Chester's Popcorn at three bucks a bag for some time now. But what is new is the idea of it being a movie theater snack — or at least, a movie theater snack you can actually buy hot and fresh at the theater, rather than attempting to sneak it in yourself. And for people who love Cheetos, popcorn, or both, I'm sure that's the best news ever.

According to First We Feast, BuzzFeed's Adam Vary was one of the first to bring this new theater snack to the Internet's collective attention; while at CinemaCon, the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners, Vary tweeted the following image:

A few days later, USA Today's Entertain This! Site revealed more about the treat straight from the source itself. Said Frito-Lay spokesperson Alexia Allina in an email to Entertain This!:

As a company, we're always innovating and testing new product concepts to see what resonates best with our consumers. Cheetos Popcorn is still in the very early development stages. As soon as we have more details to share, we'll let you know.

Although what we know is promising so far, it does seem like we'll have to wait for a pretty considerable amount of time before we see this stuff rolled out at cinemas across the country — if, that is, it even makes it to the commercial stage. It's always possible that it won't; stranger things have happened.

Me? I'm actually kind of “meh” about the idea, because, well… I have a confession to make: I hate popcorn. Actually, no; that's not quite true. I hate most popcorn — unless it's covered in chocolate and caramel, because then it doesn't taste like popcorn anymore. I don't know what it is about popcorn covered in butter, seasoning, or nothing at all that I don't like; after all, I love the way it smells. But when it comes to actually eating it? I'll pass, thanks. I've also never been a huge fan of the sorts of snacks that come dusted with powdered cheese, which means Cheetos have never really done it for me, either. As such, movie theater Cheetos popcorn is a big ol' miss for me.

But I can appreciate the fact that other people will probably enjoy it. I'll keep my ear to the ground and report back on anything I hear in the future; in the meantime, though, go ahead and treat yourself to some Chester's Popcorn or Puffcorn (because that's a thing too, apparently). Happy snacking!

Images: awrose, Jeepers Media/Flickr; Rebloggy