Ariel Winter's Prom Pics Are Gorgeous

Even though she's a star on one of ABC's hit comedies, that doesn't mean Modern Family's Ariel Winter doesn't lead somewhat of a normal life. On Tuesday, Ariel Winter shared prom pictures on Instagram. Not only is her dress gorgeous, but how cute is Winter with her boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette? They definitely aren't serving any awkward prom poses, and I'm sure more than one of you can relate too.

I'm going to assume that these photos were taken before the actual prom, and can we talk about how perfect they look? The photos, I mean. Now, there's a good chance that Winter and Gaudette were having their pictures taken by a professional photographer, but, if not, the pictures are pretty spectacular. I don't remember my prom pics looking anything like this. They sure look like something out of a movie — or even Modern Family.

In addition to the photo Winter shared with her "shmoopberry," she also Instagrammed one with her father, Glenn Workman. Despite Winter's family troubles, it looks like she's working things out with her dad, especially since they took a photo together before prom. She also captioned the photo as follows: "Dad saw me off to #prom!! Love him."

Before going to the dance, Gaudette asked Winter in the way all the kids are doing it these days: with a promposal. First, can I just say how awkward a promposal sounds? I don't really understand it, and maybe that's because back in my day (FYI, I only graduated high school 10 years ago), students actually asked students to the "biggest dance of the year," without any kind of elaborate event. All of it just makes me super uncomfortable and it's not even happening to me.

Based on the video Winter shared on Instagram, it looks like Gaudette decided the best way to ask her to prom was with someone jumping out of a box and throwing flowers at her face, while holding a sign that read "Prom?" Then, after that ridiculousness happened, he appeared with a bouquet of flowers. This is another promposal I don't get, but maybe it was some type of inside joke?

Whatever the case, it looks like Winter was over the moon to go to prom and that's all that matters.