11 Best Tom Hiddleston Cheekbone Moments

It's a strange thing to admire someone's skull, but here I am drooling over Tom Hiddleston's amazing cheekbones. I know people joke that he could cut glass with his — but, seriously, they're dangerously sharp. He's burdened with glorious cheekbones. I guess I really shouldn't be surprised that Hiddleston has flawless bone structure; he's already perfect in every other way.

There must be something in the water in Britain, because Hiddleston is joined in the stunning cheekbone game by fellow British actors like Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith, among others. But, today we're just here to talk about Hiddleston and his own facial structure — and if I have to suffer while staring at his face, I think you should join me. There's nothing better than fangirling over cheekbones together — then at least I know someone else is sharing in my pain.

So, while there's no denying that Hiddleston has some flawless eyes and a gorgeous smile, let's all take a moment to appreciate his amazing skull as well. I've gathered his 11 best cheekbone moments for your viewing pleasure. It's by no means a comprehensive list of every time he's slayed me with his skull, but it's a start.

In His First Twitter Icon

This was one of Hiddleston's first Twitter icons, and it's proof that he's always looked amazing.

When His Cheekbones Were Wonderfully Symmetrical

It doesn't matter which side of his face you look at... both his cheekbones are perfect.

When He Was Singing

The slightest mouth pucker leads to amazing bone definition.

When He Was King Of The Cheekbones

He deserves that crown.

When He Still Looked Great In Black & White

The shadow is doing wonders for him, here.

When He Knew His Cheekbones Would Destroy You

Look at that smug smile. He totally knows what he's doing to us.

When Even Lego Acknowledged Their Beauty

Now Lego needs to make a regular Hiddleston figure too. (But with the same amazing cheekbones!)

When His Hands Were Overshadowed By His Face

Usually I love his hands, but I can't stop looking at his head.

When He Was Hanging Out With Wendy

A paper mustache does wonders to enhance someone's cheekbones.

When He Posed For Flaunt Magazine

Every photographer needs to get this angle. Let's make it a law.

When His Cheekbones Were Ridiculous

Just kidding, that's all the time!

Death by flawless bone structure.

Images: Getty Images; rebloggy (2)