Blake Lively Supports Hillary Clinton Running For President & Her Reasoning Is Perfectly Feminist

All hail, Serena van der Woodsen, because she is standing up for women's rights. In an interview with Stylist, Blake Lively talks opportunities for women, how excited she is for Hillary Clinton to run for president, and her dream of attending Harvard Business School. There's no doubt that the Age of Adaline actress is juggling a lot, especially since she became a mother to daughter James with husband Ryan Reynolds. However, now that she is a mom, it doesn't mean Lively isn't all for women, including herself, going after what they want.

After being asked about if it's "OK to admit you want to stay at home" and be a mom rather than taking on a career or doing both, Lively answered, "It is great to be a mother and a professional and a wife and a daughter, but to choose only one of those things is also incredible ... I like being a woman and everything that means for me."

What that said, Lively believes opportunities are changing for women and she uses Clinton as an example. "Look at what is happening with Hillary Clinton, it’s something to be very proud of," Lively said. "It’s so uplifting." For the actress, she finds it a "bit upsetting" that "we have to be proud of this advancement." She elaborated, "I think whatever side you stand on, the fact that there’s never been a woman leading this country where there are women leading households and leading companies, is a bit upsetting. What makes people think a man is more equipped to do that than a woman? Nothing."

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This is a topic that has been a part of conversations for years, but perhaps more than ever, women taking on important roles in any capacity and both men and women fighting for equality is becoming even more relevant. Not to mention, gender equality and the wage gap are major issues in 2015 and ones that will hopefully change for the better sooner rather than later. When we have public figures and celebrities, like Lively, taking a stand for women, it makes a huge difference and adds to the ever-so-important conversation of equality.

As for the Gossip Girl actress, not only does she run her own website, Preserve, but she acts, is a mom, and even has a goal of attending Harvard Business School. She said, "I have a dream to go to Harvard Business School and one of these days I will do that... in my spare time!"

See? Lively shows that no matter how busy or what gender you are, your dreams are always achievable. And that's an important message for anyone to hear.

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