7 Times 'Empire's Jamal & Hakeem Lyon Were Your Ultimate Sibling Goals

As much as they annoy us, our siblings are the people who have our backs no matter what situation we may find ourselves in. Though they may be our biggest critics, they are also our greatest champions. Empire's Jamal and Hakeem Lyon have a sibling relationship that many of us can relate to. In the pilot episode of the series, we learn that entertainment mogul Lucious Lyon hopes to pass down his company to one of his three sons. Assuming that he had been a shoe-in, eldest brother Andre and his wife Rhonda begin plotting against the younger Lyon brothers in an effort to pit them against one another. Through the entire first season, we see Hakeem and Jamal fighting for both their father's attention and musical dominance.

The youngest Lyon brothers couldn't be more different. Baby brother Hakeem is cocky, spoiled and impulsive. He obviously has a lot of growing up to do. One would assume that for that very reason, Lucious would never hand his multimillion dollar company over to Hakeem. In contrast, middle brother Jamal is sweet, sensitive and compassionate. Unfortunately, Lucious' homophobia prevents him from thinking clearly and allowing Jamal the opportunity to oversee the company.

And yet, despite their differences and some very real beef throughout the first season, Jamal and Hakeem are still as thick as thieves. Here are seven times when they were our ultimate sibling goals.

1. Anytime They Had A Musical Number Together

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From "No Apologies" to "Money For Nothing", anytime Jamal and Hakeem performed together they made magic. With Hakeem's catchy lyrics and Jamal's silky smooth voice, the brothers are always in sync on stage.

2. The Time Jamal Helped Hakeem With His Music

After struggling to come up with a powerful performance for his debut at Leviticus Night Club, Hakeem reaches out to Jamal for help. Not only does Jamal get the performance in amazing shape, he also joins Hakeem on stage for the show.

3. When Hakeem Congratulated Jamal For Coming Out


After Jamal publicly comes out, Hakeem visits his brother and tells him, "It's the bravest thing I seen in my life."

4. When They Sang A Lullaby To Lola (Who Is Actually Their Half-Sister)

Tasked with putting Lola to bed, Hakeem and Jamal decide to sing her to sleep. Though Hakeem initially suggests "Drip Drop," the duo eventually settle on a gentler melody to soothe the tot.

5. When They Both Comforted Their Eldest Brother Andre


Though Jamal and Hakeem aren't initially aware of their older bother's bipolar disorder, they still come together to comfort Andre during one of his episodes.

6. When Hakeem Saluted Jamal For His Epic Performance


Despite Lucious' wishes, Jamal uses his first major performance at his father's white party to come out. No one is more proud of him then Hakeem, who salutes his performance.

7. When They Embraced Lucious After Finding Out He Was Terminally Ill


Lucious obviously has not been the best father. And yet, when Jamal and Hakeem find out about his illness, they put aside their personal differences and embrace their father, showing him love and compassion.

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