Michelle Williams' New LV Campaign Is Stunning

I know that plenty of serious models transition into acting, but do serious actors ever transition into modeling? Not that she's not extremely talented at her current craft, but Michelle Williams' latest campaign for Louis Vuitton kind of has me convinced that she could make just as big of a splash posing for a camera instead of playing a role in front of one. With her striking gaze, flawless skin, and perfect pout, I'm thinking that maybe America's Next Top Model should be her next on-screen gig.

The actress' latest series of ads for the luxury brand feature the classic Capucines handbag in the traditional black as well as summery pink and red versions. Shot by legendary German photographer Peter Lindbergh, Williams is shown wearing a structured black coat in different ways over the three images.

Sure, the bags in the images are definitely lust-worthy, but what I'm really coveting is Williams' mesmerizing porcelain complexion. Suddenly, I don't feel so bad about not having a beach-ready summer tan, because Williams is proving there's definitely a way to work pale to my advantage. Seriously, I'm pretty sure she's glowing here. Does that come in a bottle?

In any case, Williams' LV campaigns never disappoint. There are a lot of fabulous celebrity/brand pairings that just make sense (see: Anna Kendrick/Kate Spade), but her partnership with Louis Vuitton is right at the top of my list. And why wouldn't it be, judging by her latest campaign images?

Images: Louis Vuitton