Gwyneth Paltrow Lets Her Daughter Borrow Her Clothes Because She's Not A Regular Mom, She's A Cool Mom

Apple Martin is one lucky girl. In a recent interview with People, Gwyneth Paltrow said she lets her daughter borrow her clothes. It's crazy to think that little Apple can already fit into her mom's attire! And while some daughters would think it was totally un-cool to raid their mom's closet, Apple does not. And who could blame the adorable 11-year old? Her mom is just too cool. On top of being one of the biggest names in Hollywood, a designer, and entrepreneur, Paltrow has done a pretty amazing job being a mom to her son Moses and daughter Apple. It's no wonder Apple wants to be and look just like her.

At her Goop launch party in Chicago, she told People, "She's [Apple] wearing a lot of my tank tops and T-shirts and sweatpants, she's tall." Smart girl. If anyone had the chance to borrow Paltrow's tank tops and sweatpants, I'm pretty sure they would. I know I would.

Despite some of the criticism it may receive, Paltrow's lifestyle site Goop has gained much success over the years. Beginning in 2008, the company started off as an email newsletter which later on turned into a website with content dedicated to fashion, money, culture, and more. Now, you can even shop beauty products, kitchenware, and clothing.

Goop has already established its pop-up stores in LA and Dallas, making Chicago the newest addition. Paltrow tells People, "Chicago's a big market for us online." The Windy City pop-up won't only include beauty products and clothing, but will also include, "a lot of furniture," according to Paltrow.

But the most popular item at the store? "People seem to like products that say 'Goop' on them, so our candles sell very well," Paltrow explained. In case you were wondering, the candles go for $40.

Paltrow's got a big year ahead of her, and with her split from Chris Martin, it's good to see her stay focused and dedicated to her passions. Who knows, maybe Apple will not only follow in her mom's fashion footsteps, but also her her mom's business mentality, too.