5 Reasons To Love Your Mismatched Lips Since Symmetry Is So Overrated

I have mismatched lips. My top lip is smaller than my bottom lip, by quite a considerable amount. considerably thinner than my somewhat poutier and more rounded bottom lip. For a while, I had labored under the illusion that my lips were small and thin, so making lipstick mistakes by instead always glazing them with pink or nude or gold gloss to enhance them or make them appear puffier.

But in the Instagram and selfie age, I only recently began to realize that that my lips are actually disproportionate and mismatched — and it's something I have grown to love about my face. Symmetry is overrated and not all lips are created equal... not even those that reside on a single face.

Now, I am by no means pillow-lipped, like Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson. Overall, my bottom lip is fuller and it juts out a little further and it results in this heart-shaped, cupid bow mouth thing, which I have come to see is mysterious and playful. As stated, I noticed it later in life, but I am glad that I did and I have no plans to try and alter my lips to even things out.

I guess I could attempt to even them out with liner, but that just seems like a whole lot of work. It would probably end in disaster anyway.

You can see the lip inequality there, right? If you too are blessed with a smaller upper lip, here are five perfect reasons to be in love with your pout.

1. Flaws Are Flawless

I am fully of the mindset that it's the quirks, the scars, and the imperfections that make us beautiful and intriguing. So-called perfection is frankly quite dull.

2. Symmetry Is Boring

Matching hands, feet, boobs, whatever! Pairs are never quite perfect, are they?

3. You Can't Change 'Em, But You Can Play Them Up

Here's that cupid bow heart look I was talking about. I have no desire to alter the mismatched lips without injections or surgeries, but I do like to add a little extra clear gloss smack dab in the center of my bottom lip to call attention that fullness.

4. Natural Is Awesome

It's relieving to come to terms with how you look. Who has time to worry about every so-called flaw anyway?

5. They're Perfect For Kissing

Or so I've been told. Since the bottom half of my pucker sticks out a little, it's been nibbled on during heavy duty makeout sessions so it has a utilitarian purpose every once in a while.

Mismatched lips don't sink ships. If you have this same trait, picture this girl blowing you an air kiss right about... NOW!

Images: DominÖ/Flickr (1)/Amy Sciarretto/Instagram (6); Giphy (1)