Where To Buy 'Shark Tank's Define Bottle, Because 'Beyond The Tank' Is Definitely Going To Make You Want One

I was shocked by the outcome of Define Bottle's appearance on Shark Tank in a Season 5 episode dedicated to young entrepreneurs. I thought the water bottle, which lets you put fresh fruit right in it so that you can have tasty fruit-infused water with you wherever you go, was a really cool idea and, most importantly, one that people will buy. We'll be catching up with Define Bottle on the first episode of the Shark Tank spinoff Beyond the Tank , which premieres Friday night. That means Define Bottle must have snagged a deal with one or more of the Sharks, right?

Wrong-o. Carter Kostler, the teenage entrepreneur behind Define Bottle, walked out of the Shark Tank empty-handed. Though he had a neat idea for a product that had decent sales, the Sharks ultimately decided that there was already too much competition out there. Robert Herjavec did actually end up making an offer, but the equity he requested was too much for Kostler to part with, so he left the Tank without a deal.

Still, I'm still curious to see how Define Bottle has fared since its time on the show, because the product seemed to have so much potential for success. The fact that it's appearing on Beyond the Tank should give you a hint that the company is doing pretty well, or something interesting has happened to it at the very least.

Take a look at what Define Bottle and Kostler have been up to since Shark Tank, and you'll see that both of those statements are true.

1. Sales Have Skyrocketed Since Shark Tank

Kostler may not have nabbed a deal on Shark Tank, but the show's exposure was enough to make his sales soar after the episode aired. Define Bottle earned $250,000 in sales the weekend after the Shark Tank episode aired, and in a Reddit IAmA last September, Kostler said that the company had reached $1 million in sales. Not bad for technically losing on Shark Tank.

2. You Can Buy A Bottle Now

Define Bottle, $24, Amazon

If you'd like to be one of the people to contribute to Define Bottle's sales, you can head over to the company's official online store to purchase a bottle. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and range from $9.99 to $24.99 in price. You can also find Define Bottle at a bunch of other online retailers, such as Amazon, but if you Google the product, you're likely to find all of those rival fruit-infused water bottles the Sharks were worried about.

3. Kostler Doesn't Regret Not Taking Robert's Deal

When you do end up getting an offer on Shark Tank, walking away from it is a tough and risky move. I mean, the whole point of coming on the show in the first place is to get a deal, right? Sharks can offer a lot of connections and know-how that can really take your business to the next level. Even though Define Bottle has done so well since its Shark Tank appearance, you still have to wonder if Kostler regrets not taking Robert's offer. "Not a bit," Kostler said during his Reddit IAmA. "Keeping 100% equity of my company AND my episode airing was truly the best 'deal.'" Does that answer your question?

4. Kostler Has Been One Busy Teen

Define Bottle, $24, Amazon

Kostler seems to be living the Define Bottle dream since he appeared on Shark Tank. Define Bottle got its own segment on HSN (take that, Lori Greiner!), and it ended up selling out. He did trade shows and spoke at a TED Talk event at New Trier High School in Illinois. He even said during his Reddit IAmA that he has a reality show in development. Not getting a deal on Shark Tank actually may have been the best thing that could have happened to Kostler and Define Bottle.

5. Define Bottle Grabbed Some Honors Too

Define Bottle, $24, Amazon

What did I tell you? Kid is having an amazing go of it these days. The NY Now home and lifestyle market awarded Define Bottle the Best of Home award in August 2014. At the beginning of the year, the Nutrition Business Journal gave Define Bottle an honorable mention for innovation in its annual Business Achievement Awards issue. Next stop, the world, obvi.

6. Carrie Underwood Is A Fan

Define Bottle, $24, Amazon

Now this is pretty impressive. Define Bottle recently unveiled its new bottle designed specifically for the country star's fitness line CALIA by Carrie Underwood. It sells at Dick's Sporting Goods for $30, and it'll go perfectly with your entire haul of Underwood's fitness line, which you totally know you're going to buy.

Who needs Shark Tank when you've already got a celebrity endorsement anyway?

Images: definebottle/Instagram; extracrispy/Tumblr