On 'Catfish' Blaire & Markie Prove That Not Even Smooth-Talking Can Repair Months of Lies

We've seen a lot of crazy things on Catfishbefore, but MTV promised that this week's episode would give us a darker story than ever before. And considering the fact that just about every episode of Catfish is touted as something explosive we've never seen before, I was a little hesitant to buy into it, but that was before Nev and Max introduced us to Blaire. She who was all set to meet the online girlfriend who saved her life... until, of course, she claimed she got kidnapped.And, as you might have expected, on this week's Catfish , "Blaire and Markie," Markie's alleged kidnapping turned out to be just the beginning of her lies.

It started out as a pretty typical story — Blaire was ready to move on with her life and commit herself to a new relationship, but first, she needed to close the last chapter of her life: The one involving Markie. Although they'd gotten really close in a time where Blaire found herself homeless after a disagreement with her parents, Markie had never really come through for her in the way that she needed to. In fact, Blaire was living in a hotel room, barely able to scrape by, when she put funds together to bring Markie to New York from California when Markie mysteriously disappeared. She reappeared a few days later to let Blaire know that she'd supposedly been kidnapped and that she would no longer be able to make the trip to see her, and obviously, Blaire was heartbroken.

And the Markie that Blaire, Nev, and Max eventually were able to meet up with? You'd never know that her ex-boyfriend told Nev that she was a compulsive liar just days before — except for the part where she came ready to say all the right things, whether she meant them or not. She gave Blaire a speech that might as well have come out of a Nicholas Sparks movie, where she admitted that she's crazy but she's in love with Blaire anyway. This is when we got to see Angry Nev come back out of his shell. We haven't seen him in awhile — since the time he threw Kid Cole's phone into the water — but he was back in full force and warned Markie she better back off.

The kidnapping thing? Turned out to be more about Markie deciding to go to an undisclosed location with an undisclosed guy who warned her that if she didn't go with him and went to New York, she'd die.

Whether or not that part was actually true remains to be seen, but she and Blaire are no longer romantically involved, and that seems to be a good thing. Blaire's moving on to Florida, where she's starting over. She deserves a fresh start, and I'm hoping Markie doesn't get in the way of that.

Image: MTV