Dr. Seuss' 'Green Eggs and Ham' Series Coming to Netflix With the Help of Ellen Degeneres

I would watch this here or there, I would watch this everywhere. Ellen Degeneres will executive produce a Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Netflix series, with the backing of the Dr. Seuss estate and Warner Bros. TV Group. Though the 13-episode series won't start streaming until 2018 (boo), don't panic because it will be available in all 50+ countries where Netflix is available, so no one will have to miss out.

“It’s going to be cutting-edge animation," Degeneres said about the Green Eggs and Ham series on her talk show Ellen. "It’s never been done on television before. It’s very, very cool. I’m excited about it."

Netflix put its rhyming chops to the test in an announcement that Dr. Seuss himself would be proud of:

It seems the spirit of the original picture book will be alive and well in the Netflix series, with our favorite pest of a friend Sam-I-Am embarking on an adventure to show kids (and yes, adults, too) how to open your eyes to new experiences and try new things.

You can watch Ellen talk more about the project on her show:

It's a big year of announcements for both Dr. Seuss and Netflix's investment in nostalgia. A previously "lost" Dr. Seuss book What Pet Should I Get? was uncovered and it's going to hit shelves this July. Meanwhile, Netflix has delved into the archives to bring back Full House in a sequel Fuller House.