Markie & Blaire Might Be Better Off As Friends

Despite screaming at my television multiple times throughout the Blaire and Markie episode of Catfish — a la Nev at the park meet up —, overall, I was pleased with the outcome of the episode. For a change, the identity of the Catfish-er, Markie, was discovered to be real almost immediately into the show... The real challenge was getting this girl to meet with Nev, Max, and Blaire. Blaire, who just wanted to learn the truth from someone she thought she loved, was justifiably angry during the episode due to Markie's lackadaisical attitude towards meeting Blaire, but at the end, it seemed like there was hope these two could be friends. So have they remained friends, or has Markie's lying gotten the best of their friendship?

This episode of Catfish really revolved around three things: Blaire, Markie, and The Truth (with a capital "T"). It was almost impossible to field what was true and what wasn't when it came to Markie's stories, which upset Blaire, Nev, Max, and me (because we're all in this together). Blaire, who was probably the last person you'd want to see hurt by someone like Markie, really just wanted to know why Markie really didn't visit her after she bought Markie a ticket, and why Markie denounced their relationship to just a friendship after mysteriously disappearing. Blaire has toughed out a lot of difficult things in her life, a lot of them Markie has been there for, so even though Markie wasn't completely trustworthy, I was still rooting for their friendship to workout.

So have these two been able to maintain a friendship past the filming of the show? It seems like maybe these two are better at just being friends. At the end of the episode, when Nev and Max check-in months later, Blaire had plans to move to Florida and start fresh there. She was going to move with Katarina, the woman she was seeing when Markie commented that Blaire can't be dating anyone else. After looking on Blaire's Facebook, it seems like she and Katarina are still together (as of April 2015). They've posted a ton of photos together and it's great to see Blaire happy.

As for Markie and Blaire's relationship, the two are still friends on Facebook, which seems like a step in the right direction. Markie's Facebook has a photo of the two of them, presumably from filming, but I'd say that if they weren't speaking that would be a very awkward photo to make the prof pic, ammirite? On Twitter, Markie seemed more than ready to have the Catfish episode air. She hasn't said anything since the episode aired though, so what she thought of it will remain a mystery.

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